Government officials warn Indiana residents of phone scam, email scam

The phone scam artist contacts residents, accuses them of failing to appear for jury duty and asks for personal financial information. The email scammer claims to be from the "Indiana Court of Appeals."


Posted on Feb. 7, 2014 at 11:40 a.m.

INDIANA – Reports of a possible scam involving fake jury duty phone calls have begun to come in across Indiana, the Indiana Supreme Court said in a news release.

Based on similar reports out of Henry and Hamilton counties, the scam artist seems to be contacting residents and accusing them of failing to appear for jury duty. He or she then offers ways to resolve the issue, including turning over financial information for the payment of a fine.

So far, the courts are not aware of anyone who has suffered financial losses by turning the information over. However, court leaders are taking the incidences that have been reported seriously and are advising the public to take extreme caution if they receive a similar call.

If you receive a call regarding jury duty, keep in mind the state never asks potential jurors for information such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers or PIN numbers. Potential jurors in Indiana are always contacted by mail initially, the release said.

People who have received a phone call similar to the ones described should contact the police immediately, the release said.

Pretrial Notice Phishing Scam

The Court of Appeals of Indiana was recently alerted to an email scam involving messages claiming to be from the "court secretary" of the "Indiana Court of Appeals."

In a news release, the court said the emails have had the subject "Pretrial notice" and link to a site where people can check on the statuses of complaints they've filed. The court said that emails such as this should be deleted immediately and strongly advises against clicking on the included link.

The court suspects this is a phishing scam, which is a form of online identity theft that works to obtain confidential information such as credit card numbers and account passwords. 


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