Bristol Family loses home to fire

Two fire departments responded to a house fire in Bristol Tuesday night.
Posted on Nov. 7, 2012 at 12:00 a.m.

BRISTOL — The Bristol Fire department is investigating what caused two fires on the same property Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, the homeowners are struggling to find aid after losing everything in the fires.

Firefighters responded around 8 p.m. to 53586 C.R. 27, just east of Bristol. The fire was contained to one room of the mobile home, and one of the residents, Angel Raya, was taken to the hospital with minor smoke inhalation injuries, said Capt. Nick Lievore of the Bristol Fire Department. She was later released from the hospital.

The fire was out within 20 minutes of their arrival, Lievore said. Middlebury and Osolo Township Fire Departments also responded.

Angel’s mother, Beverly Raya, and her two boys, Noah, 8, and Jesse, 6, safely made it out of the house. A neighbor helped their dog get out of the house and called the Red Cross for assistance, said Candy Todd, who is on a maintenance crew at the trailer park.

The family stayed at a friend’s house in the neighborhood that night.

The Bristol Fire Department was called again after 2 a.m. to the same residence. This time the home was fully engulfed in flames and destroyed.

“I was woken up by the sirens,” said Todd, who also lives in one of the mobile homes. “I got up and saw flames way up.”

Lievore said the fire department is still investigating the cause of both fires.

Beverly Raya said they didn’t have renter’s insurance, and they lost their vehicle in the fire as well. Beverly Raya was sitting at the manager’s office Wednesday evening trying to make arrangements as her family got relocated to another mobile home. She had only some socks on, saying she lost her shoes in the fire.

The Red Cross provided some help to the family by giving them a card with which she could buy clothes for the family. But other necessities, including medications, were lost in the fire as well.

“We were planning out Thanksgiving and our Christmas, and now all of that is gone,” she said.

Todd said a few neighbors had expressed interest in helping the family. They started pooling some money for the Rayas’ needs, while others have offered to help them get settled in their new home once they’re relocated. Penny, a friend of the family with whom they are staying for now, said anyone interested in making helping in any way can call 622-0216 to talk with Beverly Raya.

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