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ELKHART COUNTY Biker taken to EGH after vehicle crash on C.R. 16

Posted on Oct. 12, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

Truth Staff

ELKHART — C.R. 16 from Neely Court to Highland Court was blocked off after a bike-vehicle accident around 6 p.m. today.

The Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the crash.

Cpl. Mike Bennett said the ECSP Crash Investigation Team was on its way to determine what caused the crash including where the vehicles were positioned at the time and the speed of the vehicles.

Bennett said two bikes were eastbound on C.R. 16 on the shoulder area. The two riders were brothers. One of the brothers, who was riding ahead, turned to tell the other biker not to cross because a car was behind them. The other bike started to cross and the car, also eastbound, and the biker collided.

The biker was taken to Elkhart General Hospital; his brother rode as a passenger. The injured rider was a 17-year-old male with unknown injuries. The names of the riders and driver of the vehicle were not released.

Bennett said no one was cited and was not sure if speed was a factor. The vehicle appeared to be totaled. Bennett said it rolled over at least once.

A utility pole was broken in half and shards of glass lined the road. AEP was on its way to take a look at the utility pole. Baugo Fire Department and medics also responded to the accident. A neighbor said he heard four “booms” and came out to see what happened. He said the driver appeared to have bruising near his collarbone area and that the biker who was hit was having difficulty breathing.