Monday, February 8, 2016

Stiff Wind Scottish Strong Ale (Eric Strader)

Big Pit Porter gluten reduced version (Eric Strader)

Tom's Notrorious P.I.G. pizza
The celebration continues

Posted on Feb. 27, 2014 at 11:23 a.m.

I was able to confirm today that I have written 1,135 blog posts for Hop Notes.  And I thought that I didn't like to write - guess writing about beer is another matter.

So, what better way to celebrate this mile stone than to have a beer at one of my favorite local breweries (even if they weren't local, they would still be one of my favorite breweries) Iechyd Da Brewing, Elkhart.  I started with a sample of Stiff Wind Scottish Strong Ale (7.4% ABV, IBUs 26) which is Chip's Not a Skirt Scottish Ale, but with some ramped up attitude.  It had lots of that good characteristic Scottish peaty, smoky malt flavor.  Scottish style ales are not my favorite style, but this version was pretty tasty.

I was a bit hungry so I ordered up a Tom's Notorious P.I.G. pizza with house BBQ, smoked Pork, onion, red pepper, smoked gouda, and mozzarella.  This was one of the offerings from this week's Food Fight.  Brewery staff create a sandwich or pizza and compete head to head with each other.  Customers vote with their order and the staff member with the highest number sold, wins cash and a chance to advance in the bracket.

The Grand Champion Supreme will win a percentage of the sales of their item in their week and have their item on the menu all summer long.  Battles run Thursday-Wednesday each week.  Keep up with the new battles on Facebook and Twitter.

To pair with my pizza, I took Summer's suggestion of the Big Pit Porter (5.1% ABV, IBUs 25).  Generally, I think that IPAs are a great pair with pizza, but it's always good to mix things up.  And, I wanted to try their gluten reduced version of this beer.  It tasted no different from their regular version, so whether you are gluten intolerant or not, this beer is an excellent choice.  I will be writing another post soon about gluten free options, and will include quite a bit of info about what Chip is doing with his gluten reduced beers at Iechyd Da.