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Goshen's getting a new Indian restaurant at 127 S. Main St., Goshen. (Marshall V. King/The Elkhart Truth)
Goshen getting new Indian eatery - and five other stories that matter
Posted on April 24, 2014 at 2:22 p.m.

People are really excited about a potential new Indian restaurant in Goshen. And they're excited about The Chief and Cubby Bear Pizza.

There's a lot to be excited about. Here are food stories that may get you going.

Goshen is getting two new ethnic restaurants. The building owner and potential new restaurant owner confirmed that Maple Indian Cuisine will open where Noodle Heads was at 127 S. Main St., Goshen. You can get the details on It's likely to open this summer.

Work at Cubby Bear Pizza is coming along too. I got a look inside this week and liked what I saw. On one hand, it's not that different than Mad Anthony's. On the other hand, the bar is enclosed, work is underway to create a private dining room in the basement and it's in new hands.

The Chief opened in Goshen on Monday, April 21. There was a line. Fans have been taking advantage of the historic ice cream stand being open for the season.

Goshen College celebrated Dandelion Day. Lydia Sheaks was there and did a very cool interactive story on how students and staff picked the dandelions and the dining hall staff prepared them.

Flavor574 has a new wine writer. Joe Kuharic works in The Elkhart Truth newsroom and has a long history of making wine his family. He knows his stuff. And I look forward to reading more of what he writes.

Food in Lancaster County, Pa., is getting cooler. I love this story about what's happening in another part of the country known for Amish food and heritage. It's happening in Elkhart County too.

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