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Constant Spring to tap Founders' Kentucky Breakfast Stout on Friday

Founders Brewing Co.'s Kentucky Breakfast Stout – a holy grail for dark beer lovers – will be served at Constant Spring in Goshen on Friday afternoon. 


Posted on April 15, 2014 at 4:42 p.m.

Founders' Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS) is a holy grail for dark beer lovers. It's tough to get. You have to get on waiting lists or get special tickets to the release event.

But on Friday, yes on Good Friday, the highly rated beer will be tapped at Constant Spring, 219 S. Main St., Goshen.

Founders Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids, Mich., came out with Kentucky Breakfast Stout a number of years ago. It's simply become one of those beers over which craft beer geeks get emotional.

It's an imperial stout that is aged in bourbon barrels. It's alcohol content at 11.2 percent approaches wine. And it's packed with flavor. It's the fifth-ranked beer in the world on BeerAdvocate.com.

Founders releases about 10,000 cases, according to an employee at the brewery on Saturday. They're available at the brewery initially and then at liquor stores. A few bottles have come to Chalet Party Shoppes in this area. But bottles are difficult to land.

Founders will have it available at beer festivals and during FoundersFest in June, but doesn't have it now. But the Spring has a quarter barrel - about 70 servings - that will be sold starting at 4 p.m. Friday. Nafziger said they'll be $10 for 10-ounce pours, unless you're a mug club member and then you'll get a full 16 ounces.

How'd the Spring get a keg? "I sell a lot of Founders," said owner Aaron Nafziger.

Al Day IPA and Red's Rye IPA will also be on tap.

Will it last beyond Friday? "I'd be shocked," he said.

Darrell Gascho, head cook, is also planning a charcuterie plate for Friday night, Nafziger said.

Even without KBS, if you're in Grand Rapids, it's worth stopping at the brewery. A remodeling project added outdoor seating. The menu is big and interesting.

And nearby is HopCat, the third-best beer bar in the world and one of the best brewpubs, according to the beer rating sites. It's simply a great place. Both places are worth a visit.

One last note: This weekend is also the last weekend at the Spring for Jessica Whicker. She's overseen the servers and been a key part since the place opened more than seven years ago. She's moving on to another food gig, but has done great work. Thanks, Jess.

If You Go:

Constant Spring, 219 S. Main St., Goshen.

HopCat, 25 Ionia Ave. S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Founders Brewing Co., 235 Grandville Ave. S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich.

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