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Honey's making some changes in Goshen

Owner Kelly Jenkins Huffman is expanding the focus of what was called Honey's Frozen Yogurt.

Posted on April 1, 2014 at 5:48 p.m.

Honey's has a new name and a new focus in Goshen's Linway Plaza.

Honey's Frozen Self-Serve Yogurt is becoming Honey's Frozen Desserts and More. The shop owned by Kelly Jenkins Huffman has been hinting to its Facebook fans about some changes, but told them today about the new name (no April Fools' joke) and the new focus.

“I assumed, since the healthy frozen yogurt craze lasted seven years in California that we would wait a little longer before we changed our name and brought in more products," she said of her shop that opened in May 2012. "The truth is I’m not sure the health craze ever came to Indiana.”

She's adding ice cream, frozen custard, frozen ice and gelato to the offerings. You can still fill a bowl and pay by weight, but the offerings are more than frozen yogurt, which some have considered a healthier dessert. When the shop opened, it was a fast hit.

In addition, she's adding coffee to the tea and sweets being offered. She plans to use what she considers the world's best coffee. It's from Rising Star Coffee Roasters in Cleveland. And it turns out that her brother Kim Jenkins is the roaster.

She wasn't that familiar with his coffee until Hans Weaver, the cofounder of Menno Tea, said it produced the best cup of coffee he'd had. Huffman did some research and made arrangements with her brother.

She plans to make coffee by the cup rather than fill air pots. She said it'll be available by the cup and by the pound later this month.

She's bringing in some products that compete with other beloved places in Goshen. The Electric Brew has devoted fans. So does The Chief. The Nut Shoppe is making gelato. But there's probably room in Goshen for all of them and more. It'll be interesting to see how the additions change Honey's.

And a fresh-made cup of coffee, made by pouring hot water over grounds, can be a lovely thing. I look forward to trying it at Honey's.


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