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Patio roof comes down under snow at Between the Buns

The winter weight was too much for the outdoor patio roof.

Posted on Feb. 20, 2014 at 5:29 p.m.

A customer walked into Between the Buns on Wednesday and asked to sit outside on the patio.

Others inside the Osceola bar and restaurant laughed at him. It was too cold out.

But then they realized he was joking about the sunken roof, said spokesman Dave Pestrak.

The roof came down Tuesday night or Wednesday morning at 1720 Lincolnway West, Osceola, where one of the area's original sports bars opened 29 years ago (the anniversary is next week), Pestrak said.

A metal roof over the garden patio came down under the weight of snow and pulled down the newer canvas awning. It damaged ceiling fans and lighting rigging, but he wasn't sure about the heaters, furniture or televisions.

"The garden patio was covered, heated and enclosed," he said, adding that it can be used when outside temperatures are 40 degrees or above.

Some events that were scheduled between now and Memorial Day – the official opening – are being relocated or rescheduled, he said.

"Humpty Dumpty had a fall and we'll see what happens," he said.

He's not sure how long repairs will take, but hopes it'll be done by Memorial Day.

"The restaurant itself is fine and operational," he said.

Business has been decent despite the rough winter. "Average winter business, which is usually less than say June or July," he said.

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