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Flavor574 bringing new look at food to Michiana

A new brand from The Elkhart Truth is highlighting restaurants and food you make at home.

Posted on Feb. 20, 2014 at 4:21 p.m.

Spring may still be a long way off, but a fresh take on food is growing.

Truth Publishing Co. is starting Flavor574.com to help people in northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan come together and eat better.

Since 2000, Dining A La King has been a regular feature in The Elkhart Truth on restaurants and food. I have but one stomach to give to the cause and Flavor 574 is going to be more than the food journalism and reviews I do.

We’re starting by gathering information about Elkhart County restaurants so that you have a reliable guide to help you find who’s making vegetarian food or who has live music.

But we’re also planning a website chock full of mouthwatering stories, events, a digital magazine and perhaps eventually a printed magazine.

You can already find us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Gwen Ragno, gragno@flavor574.com, is overseeing those accounts and working with a group of others here to build the new brand.

We’re making big plans, but we could use some help.

We’re looking for bloggers, for people who want to do food writing, for people who want to take pictures of food and those who make it.

This isn’t just about restaurants, it’s about home cooks and bakers too.

If you have a brownie blog you want to share or just a great recipe, get in touch with Gwen. You can reach her at gragno@flavor574.com.

I’m excited about what we’ll be doing and some of the stories we’ll get to tell as part of Flavor 574. And I think it’ll be a blast to have fun food events and a community of people sharing stories, photos and recipes.

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