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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Marshall V. King at work
Marshall V. King
Marshall V. King writes about restaurants and local food issues. And a lot about what he eats.

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Sick of the winter weather? Come along to California next week

You can still sign up to go on the Dining A La King trip to warm and sunny California.

Posted on Jan. 28, 2014 at 4:25 p.m.

If you're sick or at least tired of the frigid temperatures and all the snow, there's still a chance to escape to California.

In December, we announced a trip to the Central Coast of California. The plan is to tour wineries, eat at amazing restaurants and enjoy the warmth in February.

It always seems like a good bet to leave Indiana in February, but this year's winter has been particularly brutal.

Dan Spalding reported this morning, Jan. 28, that Goshen has had 11 days with below-0 temperatures in the last two months, nearly twice as much as normal. And the snow has been seemingly unrelenting.

I've made my peace with winter. I know how to dress for it now and I don't curse it nearly as much as I once did.

But when I spoke to a friend in Los Angeles this morning (Jan. 28), I was pleased to hear it was in the 60s.

The weather in Santa Barbara where we're going is 65 today with a light breeze. The Fess Parker hotel where we'll be staying is on the beach. Then we head to San Luis Obispo where the temperature today is 75. The forecast for when we arrive in Santa Barbara on Feb. 6 is for a high of 63 degrees.

I'll be posting pictures and writing about what we taste. But I checked this morning and people can still sign up to go along.

How, you ask?

Call Ronda Morris at Menno Travel, 574-534-1521. She'll work on air reservations and sign you up otherwise.

How much is this?

$2,345 per person plus the flight if you're staying in a single room.

$1,745 per person plus the flight if you're in a double.

Is it worth it to get away from this winter? That's your call. But I'm glad to be heading for California sunshine.


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