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Quick Bite: Golden Monkey closed in Goshen

The restaurant on the southeast side of Goshen that served Vietnamese and American food is closed and the owners say they're looking for a new location.

Posted on Jan. 28, 2014 at 1:55 p.m.

Golden Monkey Cafe, which brought Vietnamese food to Goshen, is closed.

The owners of the restaurant at 1301 Lincolnway East confirmed that the restaurant is closed, but said they hope to reopen at a new location.

The restaurant opened in early 2012 on the southeast side of Goshen. It offered pho, noodles and other Asian flavors in a building that had housed several American cafes before it, including Parcell's.

Sara Ham and the other owners offered American breakfast and then Vietnamese at dinner and lunch. I thought from the beginning they should abandon breakfast and focus on their unique foods at the other two meals.

The owners said via email they're looking for a new location "with more traffic." That puzzles me a bit. U.S. 33 has plenty of traffic. But obviously there weren't enough customers to stay open.

Operating a restaurant is difficult. Operating an ethnic restaurant in a small city is even more difficult. But the food at this place could be very good and I hope they find another spot to perch.

By my count, this is the third restaurant in recent months in which the owners said they're looking for a new location. The others are Cristano's Take-N-Bake Pizza in Elkhart and Shekinah Asian Grocery and Deli in Elkhart.

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