Get local produce and meat at the Purple Porch Co-op

The Purple Porch Co-op has been open for a week in South Bend and is offering local and organic food.

Posted on March 2, 2014 at 1:21 p.m.

If local food and other grocery items is your thing, then the Purple Porch Co-op might be for you.

The co-op opened its new location at 123 N. Hill St., in downtown South Bend and social media has been buzzing with excitement ever since.

Glenda Lamont wrote on Purple Porch Co-op Facebook page about her first visit at the new location on Saturday morning.

"I purchased some Hebron Farms meat and the owner of Hebron Farms noticed and came over and thanked me," she wrote. "I doubt if that happens at any other grocery store. Truly a delightful experience."

At least 370 people are member-owners, but membership is not required to shop at the co-op.

The store also includes a cafe, where it serves food daily.

Find out more about Purple Porch Co-op on its Facebook page or on its website.

Have you visited the Purple Porch Co-op? What did you think of the items offered?

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