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SkinnyMe in 3, Energize for Free Naturally. (Photo Supplied) (PHOTO SUPPLIED)
Cookbook promotes weight loss and healthy living

Posted on Jan. 7, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

New Year’s resolutions pertaining to losing weight or getting back in shape are typically popular. With gym memberships increasing those first few months of the year and people ready to take charge, an issue other than working out is also important to losing weight and making sure it stays lost: food.

Self published Betty Jean Cobb knows how to cook food and the power that certain foods possess.

“The inspiration came from being in Gourmet Club for 22 years, studying holistic ways for six, knowing pH balance and healthy, organic food, how we can reduce any ailments and how living a healthy lifestyle can increase longevity,” said Cobb. “People in my office have had tumors that shrank or went away through healthy living and change of lifestyle.”

Her book, SkinnyMe in 3, Energize for Free, Naturally! is part cookbook with various recipes promoting health and weight loss, part self-help book with information on detox and improving posture.

“The recipes are all created through a self-taught technique,” said Cobb. “I combined my experience of healthy eating with different recipes.”

One such recipe, Sugarplum Duckling, is currently available in video form on Cobb’s website,, where products including supplements from Sky Lite and Cobb’s cookbook can be purchased. As for other advice pertaining to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle, eating right means more than adding a few extra vegetables to the menu.

“My advice would be to eliminate all artificial colors and sweeteners,” said Cobb. “Grow your own garden if you can, and go to the farmer’s market. Avoid dyes, sugars and anything fried. Stay away from heavy mayonnaise and creams. Keep lemons and limes handy for your water. Make your own tea.”

Currently working on a second book and frozen food product to take to market, Cobb also has a special airing at 8:30 p.m. Jan. 16 on the Cooking Channel, where she and her mother will be making her grandma’s ravioli.

Cobb’s book is available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Google Ebookstore.