'Muscle memory' makes fair winner of West Noble graduate Schermerhorn

    Drew Schermerhorn topped Jonathan Wilkinson for the 3-point crown while Matt Crowl prevailed in the dunk contest Thursday, July 24, at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair. Seven teams also took 3-on-3 honors.

    Posted on July 25, 2014 at 12:06 a.m.

    GOSHEN — As a West Noble High School sophomore, Drew Schermerhorn was called on frequently to shoot the 3-point shot.

    The past two seasons, he did more driving to the basket than shooting from behind the arc.

    His preparation for shooting the trey at Grace College helped the 2014 WNHS graduate take top honors in the 3-point contest Thursday, July 24, at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair.

    "You've definitely got to get into a rhythm and you've got to shoot a lot of shots to get into that rhythm," said Schermerhorn. "Week in and week out, I've been in the gym (shooting 3-pointers). Once you get that muscle memory, you're good to go."

    Schermerhorn got to go against a high school rival in 2014 NorthWood graduate Jonathan Wilkinson.

    Wilkinson's Panthers beat Schermerhorn's Chargers in the sectional championship twice in the past four season. Schermerhorn got the upper hand Thursday.

    "It would've been nicer to win the sectional," said Schermerhorn, who tied the Hillsdale College-bound Wilkinson tied with 16 shots in one minute in the first round then beat him 15-8 in a shoot-off.

    Thursday's dunk contest winner was Matt Crowl, a 6-foot-7 player at Northwood University in Midland, Mich., and 2013 White Pigeon High School graduate. Judges (fair board president Tim Yoder, fair queen Sarah Stump and lamb club member Madison Pyke) gave him 71 out of a possible 90 points on three dunks.

    Crowl said entering the contest was a last-minute decision, prompting by his family.

    He won the first dunk contest he ever entered by coming out on top in a field of five. His first-round slam was a two-hander off a rebound and produced scores of 9, 9 and 8. His reverse one-hander in the second round scored 8, 6 and 6. His rebound and one-hander in Round 3 brought a 9, 8 and 8.

    Team Gipson (19-30 Men), Team Schermerhorn (16-18 Boys), Team L. Miller (13-15 Boys), Team Sharick (10-12 Boys), Team Schrock (16-and-over Women), Team McKinley (13-15 Girls) and Team Shoup-Hill (10-12 Girls) also prevailed in 3-on-3 basketball finals on the courts next to the Farmstead of Yesteryear.

    Matt Gipson captained a team that also featured fellow Northridge High School graduates Ronnie Thomas, Kyle Miller and Alex Roth.

    "Having a guy who's 6-10 (in Thomas), that always helps," said Gipson. "I think the difference in 3-on-3 and the 5-man game is that you get tired real quick (in 5-man, full-court basketball) and 3-on-3 is more physical."

    Thomas, the head boys basketball coach at Northridge who played collegiately at Duquesne and Wright State, had the scratches on his shoulder to prove it.

    "I'm used to them," said Thomas. "They'll go away."

    The 13-15 Boys champions — Team L. Miller — was captained by Landon Miller, who wore a green Pete Maravich Utah Jazz T-shirt. The outfit would have been made complete with shaggy hair and droopy socks.

    "I was going to get some, but I never made the trip to the store," said Miller.

    The 13-15 Girls winners — Team McKinley — were four AAU teammates and answered to wore Honeybadger Basketball shirts.

    "We saw them in an internet video," said team captain Brooke McKinley (a Northridge student) said, speaking for teammates Sara Doi (Penn), Addy Miller (Tippecanoe Valley) and Kennedy Patton (Warsaw).

    Elkhart County 4-H Fair

    3-on-3 Basketball


    19-30 Men: Team Gipson (Matt Gipson, Kyle Miller, Alex Roth, Ronnie Thomas) def. Team Holt.

    16-18 Boys: Team Schermerhorn (Drew Schermerhorn, Stephen Halstead, Keaton Irwin, Joseph Line) def. Team DeShone.

    13-15 Boys: Team L. Miller (Landon Miller, Clayton Bender, Brady Willard) def. Team Stephens.

    10-12 Boys: Team Sharick (Nolin Sharick, John McCoy, Jaylyn Miller) def. Team Gingerich.

    16-and-over Women: Team Schrock (Haley Schrock, Jenna Kieper, Kelsie Peterson, Haley Richardson) def. Team Bechtel.

    13-15 Girls: Team McKinley () def. Team Miller.

    10-12 Girls: Team Shoup-Hill (Bryann Shoup-Hill, Kathryn Detweiler, Megan Gallagher, Jillian Litwiller) def. Team Krebs.

    Dunk champion: Matt Crowl.

    3-point champion: Drew Schemerhorn.

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