What to ride at the Elkhart County 4-H Fair midway

    From Vertigo to the Ring of Fire, here are the rides up close and personal at the The Elkhart County 4-H Fair.

    Posted on July 20, 2014 at 9:12 p.m.

    Looking to make your world spin? The Elkhart County 4-H Fair provides plenty of options for a thrill.

    After checking out the Midway’s movers and shakers, here’s a list of which rides are easy on the stomach and which ones you should avoid after consuming an elephant ear.

    Easy on the stomach:

    Crazy Mouse (4 tickets)

    A pint-size pink and yellow rollercoaster with cars shaped like mice is another good bet for smaller riders. There’s loops, hills and drops, but nothing upside down. Morgan Flannery, who rode with her parents Trenton and Courtney of Milford, said she “couldn’t wait to ride it again.”

    Courtney Flannery said the ride is more thrilling for kids.

    “She might feel sick,” Courtney said. “But we don’t.”

    Vertigo (4 tickets)

    Vertigo is second only to the Ferris Wheel in height for the best seat in the house, as pairs of swings rotate more than one hundred feet in the air. The only complaint? Vertigo lasts little more than a minute.

    “That was weak,” said Destiey White, 9, of Cromwell. “I wanted it to be longer.”

    Still, it’s one of the best views of Goshen you’ll ever have for a small sum.

    Cliffhanger (3 tickets)

    The Cliffhanger gives the illusion of flying, strapping fair-goers on their stomachs in hang-glider contraptions.

    To keep the corn dog down:

    Skateboard (3 tickets)

    A balanced medium for younger riders who are ready for more than bumper cars, the Skateboard spins in a circle while going up and down a giant, curved ramp. Gwendolyn, 8 and Bradley, 9, had their very first fair ride with mom Angel Johnson of Elkhart. “We’re going to go on more rides,” they agreed. But nothing bigger than that.

    Himalaya (4 tickets)

    Himalaya’s two-seater cars rotate a platform, both back and forward with accelerated speed.

    Kaya and Arianna Smith, both 9, of Fort Wayne, were a “little bit scared when they went backwards.”

    Tornado (3 tickets)

    Riders in four-seater cars move around in circles, while spinning their individual cars as fast as they please by a wheel in the middle. Unlike most other rides, this is one where you control the hurl factor yourself.

    1001 Nachts (3 tickets)

    1001 Nachts has two rows of compact seats for a simultaneous jolt with everyone else on the ride. The seats go straight up and down in a vertical circle, so there’s that dizzying stomach drop, but no crazy spinning.

    Totally tummy-twisting:

    The Freak Out (4 tickets)

    This fair favorite’s 16 seats are often filled with a long waiting line. When you finally get to ride the giant claw, you’ll be asked to take off sandals; this ride lets feet dangle.The claw swings back and forth like a pendulum, sending its riders high into the sky and almost upside down.

    “I go for the height,” said Kim Phend of Elkhart. “It’s like a big old giant swing.”

    Ring of Fire (3 tickets)

    The Ring of Fire has earned a reputation as one of the scariest fair rides – and for good reason. Riders go around a metal circles in a train-like car, gaining speed to make it all the way around the circle upside down, more than a hundred feet off the ground.

    For an added thrill, the car stops at the top for several seconds and there’s the feeling that you’re going to fall out of the safety bars, said Faron Miller of Goshen, 16.

    “This and Vertigo are the scariest,” said Mike Yoder, 16, also of Goshen. “I rode this two times yesterday and already once today. It’s a rush.”

    Starship 2000 (3 tickets)

    For a ride that runs without seatbelts, this enclosed ship spins so fast that gravity pushes standing riders against the walls for a two-minute stomach-spinner.

    Twister (4 tickets)

    “I’ve seen people throw up 10 to 20 times a day,” said ride runner Tommy, who has worked with the Twister for four years. Both its platform and individual cars spin around in several directions at a time.

    Find out more about the rides at the fair.

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