today's fair report
1. Wristband Day
The seventh day of the fair is a wristband day. Read more here.
2. Kids imitate animals
What's cuter than all of the animals at the fair? The kids who imitate them.This is the most adorable video you'll see all week.
3. A llama llove story
Leah Jennings, president of the Llovable Llamas 4-H Club, has been raising Winter Coal since he was 4 months old. They're close friends.
4. The sun is shining
It's going to be a sunny and warm at the fair today. Read the weather report on elkharttruth.com.
5. New parking, trams
The tram service is shuttling fairgoers from distant parking lots to the fair gates. Attendees have given it high marks so far.

The Elkhart County 4-H Fair raised $50,000 with a first-time fundraising event

Organizers of this first-time event were happily surprised when the adult prom raised $50,000 for land development.

Posted on April 16, 2014 at 9:06 p.m.

The goal was to raise $20,000 by inviting adults to attend a prom-style event.

Elkhart County 4-H Fair fundraising committee members were stunned when the March 22 adult prom actually brought in $50,000. As a first-time event, nobody expected the prom to be as successful as it was, committee chair Jill Garris said. 

She and other committee members presented a giant check to Tim Yoder, fair board president, at a meeting Wednesday, April 16. 

Compared to other fundraisers, "this is so much bigger," Garris said after the meeting.

She believes the event was so successful because people want to support the fair's land development. Also, she said, it was just a lot of fun. 

Organizers told guests about a "tennis shoes to tuxedos" dress code — meaning they could wear anything — and that's exactly what happened. 

Next year's adult prom is already scheduled for March 21, and tickets will go on sale in the fall.

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