Friday, May 6, 2016

Bristol Fire Department bought this Elkhart-made Marque ambulance. Orlando, Fla.-based Allied Specialty Vehicles bought the company in May 2013 and on Friday closed what remained of the Elkhart facility. (Photo Supplied)
12 Elkhart workers jobless after ambulance company moves to Florida

Posted on April 2, 2014 at 8:14 p.m.

The few jobs that survived the buyout last year of an Elkhart ambulance manufacturer have been eliminated.

Orlando, Fla.-based Allied Specialty Vehicles on Friday, March 28, permanently shut down U.S. Ambulance Corp.'s facility at 25163 Leer Drive. ASV in May 2013 bought the company, then called SJC Industries, from Thor Industries, renamed it U.S. Ambulance Corp. and moved production to Florida. 

About five people transferred to Florida and nearly 100 of the 110 Elkhart employees lost their jobs, but ASV then decided to keep a 12-employee service and remounting center open in Elkhart, said a former employee, who asked not to be named because he hopes to keep working in the industry. In remounting, the "box" of an ambulance is removed from its original chassis and placed on a new chassis, a way to make ambulances more affordable for smaller fire departments.

But on March 24, those 12 workers learned their jobs would end on Friday, March 28, according to a separation letter obtained from a former worker.

That's more notice than Monaco RV workers received when ASV, which also owned that Elkhart company, told workers when they arrived for work on Feb. 10 that they were losing their jobs that same day.

Executives at ASV in Orlando did not return repeated calls seeking comment.