Forest River added 80 jobs in Goshen through Startrans Bus acquisition

Startrans Bus was bought by Forest River earlier this year.

Posted on March 31, 2014 at 10:47 a.m.

GOSHEN — Forest River's recently announced acquisition of Supreme Industries Inc.'s Startrans Bus added about 80 jobs to Forest River's payroll, the company announced Monday, March 31.

Forest River will start making Startrans buses in one of Forest River's 100,000-square-foot Goshen plants on April 14 after the transfer of machinery, inventory and equipment from the Startrans Goshen facility, David Wright, president of the new Startrans Bus division, said in a statement.

Supreme Industries on March 3 announced that Forest River was buying Startrans' shuttle bus business, which Supreme hadn't been able to profit on, so that Supreme could focus on its core work truck, specialty vehicle and trolley markets. Supreme Industries president Mark Weber had said he was confident that the roughly 120 employees would either find jobs in Supreme's fleet truck division, which is about to add workers as it ramps up production to meet its spring increase in demand, or they'll find work building the buses at Forest River.

In his statement Monday, Wright said Forest River has interviewed and offered positions to several Startrans employees, but he did not yet have a count of how many Startrans employees will be joining Forest River.

Wright said he was confident that 2014 Startrans Bus production will exceed the 1,000 buses built last year under Supreme Industries, although he did not provide figures.

Of Forest River's four bus divisions, Starcraft Bus and now Startrans Bus will be built in Goshen. The Glaval Bus and Elkhart Coach bus divisions are built at Forest River plants in Elkhart.


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