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John Days, pictured here, started what is now Days Corp. in Elkhart 100 years ago. (Photo Supplied) (AP)

John Days’ business became Days Transfer in 1935. (Photo Supplied) (AP)

This undated photo shows the delivery teams of John Days’ local delivery service outside the old Bucklen Livery building in Elkhart. The business marks 100 years in 2013. (Photo Supplied) (AP)
How did Days Corp. last for 100 years? Change, service and relationships, owner says

Posted on Oct. 5, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

ELKHART — A local pioneer in the logistics business, Days Corp., is in it for the long haul.

The company is marking 100 years in business this year, and owner Jim Sproatt offered his take on the company’s longevity.

“We believe our company is 100 years old for three reasons,” said Sproatt “Our diversification, our tradition of excellent service, and the loyalty of customers built on the development of strong business relationships.

“These relationships tell people that we’re in this for the long haul. This isn’t about doing one job and sending a bill. It’s about building solutions through these relationships that will serve customers long-term. The way we have diversified and expanded our services over the years is, for the most part, a direct result of these relationships.”

John Days started the company in 1913 in Elkhart, creating a horse-and-wagon delivery service, according to the company.

From there it grew into Days Transfer, a regional truck line with terminals in three states, and added warehousing, machinery moving and household-goods moving to the business model before spinning off the trucking business in 1961.

That’s when Days Moving & Storage was incorporated under Days’ son-in-law.

Sproatt became a minority owner in 1988, the year the company name changed to Days Corp.

Since then the company added an export-packing business and an electrical services business, according to the company. It also started Equalizer Systems to serve the RV industry, which has made Equalizer the largest part of Days Corp.

“The company always looked to plug into what regional businesses needed as companies grew and required effective storage and shipping options,” Sproatt said. Between Equalizer growing with the RV market and growth in the export business, Sproatt sees good growth potential.

For one thing, “we see significant interest in the exporting of boats and RVs to Europe, Australia and even China,” he said.

The company is part of the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce and supports the humane society, fire departments and law enforcement programs, and Days employees are part of a variety of service clubs and civic groups.

“Our commitment to service extends to our community as well as to our customers,” Sproatt said. “We’re proud to have grown up alongside many outstanding industrial and commercial firms here. And we intend to keep evolving and changing with the times to continue to make this area a great place of growth and opportunity.”