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Untreated sewage was dumped into the Elkhart River because of the power outage earlier this week, Ask the Truth answered a question about G.L. Perry Variety Stores, we chatted with the lead singer of a local band about its new album and more.

Posted on July 5, 2014 at 6:12 a.m.

Shiny Shiny Black: Fatherhood, difficult life inspires one of Goshen's newest Americana bands

Goshen’s music scene is now one album richer thanks to the April release of Americana band Shiny Shiny Black’s ‘Travelers’.

Lead singer-songwriter Nathan Butler visited The Elkhart Truth’s newsroom to talk about the inspiration behind its songs. One of the tracks was written because Butler was trying to pass the time while waiting for his daughter to go to sleep.

Butler didn’t always lead a band though. He started out as a drummer but realised that the success of the band lay in the hands of the songwriters. Butler wanted music to be his vocation, so he started Shiny Shiny Black. The three-piece band now play in venues all around Michiana.

Ask the Truth: What became of G.L. Perry Variety Stores?

Many Elkhart natives used to frequent G.L. Perry Variety Stores before it closed down in the late 1990s.

The stores could not compete with super centers like Wal-Mart and K-Mart, which bought a larger selection of items in bulk at lower prices. The company used to have 22 stores at its peak, which were sold to other retailers in 1998 and 1999.

1.3 million gallons of untreated sewage were released into Elkhart River Tuesday

Around 1.3 million gallons of untreated sewage were dumped into the Elkhart River Tuesday, July 1, after power outages prevented the plant from treating backed-up waste water.

Bacteria levels should be back to normal, but Goshen Mayor Allan Kauffman said it’s usually a good idea to avoid any contact with the river until the weather has been clear for a while. The affected areas are Ox Bow County Park and any areas bordering the Elkhart River from Indiana Avenue downstream to C.R. 17.

These sorts of situations don’t affect your drinking water, Kauffman added.

The Wiener Shack's twist on an American classic

The Wiener Shack hot dog stand has been a common sight at the corner of Lincoln and Main streets in Goshen since 2009, serving up a selection of gourmet hot dogs. The store is open on most days from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., but that depends on the weather.

Remember the cold weather earlier this year? That forced the stand to stay closed for five months. It’s usually closed for about three months in winter. But owners Doug and Jacqueline Murray used the time to think about new items to add to their menu. They’re also planning to add a food truck to their business, which they hope to take on the road once its health inspection is complete.

Nile Sykes transfers from Notre Dame to Indiana

One-time incoming Notre Dame linebacker Nile Sykes has left the Irish to team up with Indiana University. ND released Sykes from his National Letter of Intent, which allows the incoming freshman to play this fall. Sykes still has not said why he decided to leave ND.

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