Five things to know for your Thursday in Indiana

There were still thousands without power on Wednesday morning after a storm earlier this week, the National Weather Service confirms there were six tornadoes in northern Indiana early Tuesday and three other stories to start your day.

Posted on July 3, 2014 at 5:54 a.m.

Elkhart County power outages continue in wake of Tuesday's storm

The storms that rolled through Elkhart County early Tuesday knocked out power for thousands of residents. As of Wednesday morning, July 2, there were 5,856 Elkhart County NIPSCO customers who were still in the dark. Goshen had 4,897 without power. Indiana Michigan Power reported that it had 1,059 without power. The utility companies said Tuesday afternoon that full power restoration could take days. Its crews are working to replace dozens of snapped utility poles and downed wires.

When should Elkhart County residents check refrigerated, frozen foods?

Those who still in the dark on Wednesday morning had to either eat out or risk reaching into their refrigerators for yesterday’s leftovers. But how safe it is to eat food out of your fridge and freezer after the power’s been out for a while?

As a rule of thumb, throw meat, cheese and dairy products out after it’s been in 40 degree temperatures for two hours. Veggies should be fine, unless it’s cooked or part of a soup, stew or juice. Drain the mayo, horseradish and tartar sauce if it’s been out in 50 degree temperatures for 8 hours, but feel free to stick your finger in the peanut butter and jelly jar for a quick treat.

5 more tornadoes confirmed in northern Indiana

On a more serious note, the National Weather Service confirmed that six tornadoes hit northern Indiana early Tuesday.

1. One travelled about seven miles through Kosciusko and Wabash counties.

2. One travelled less than half a mile in Whitley County.

3. Two struck near the city of Plymouth south of South Bend.

4. One struck near the town of Milford in Kosciusko County.

5. One hit the town of LaGrange.

America, Here's Your Next World Cup Team

If you’re going to cheat on the USA with another national soccer team, we won’t tell.

We understand it’s hard to even look at a waffle after the Belgians knocked the Americans out of the World Cup Tuesday afternoon, July 1. But it’s time to move on and pick another team… one that will take down the Belgians for us. Elkhart Truth community blogger Dustin George-Miller has a few suggestions for other national teams you should follow, from the Colombians to the French.

He even suggests following the Belgians. I know, I know- but just hear him out.

5 things to know about the changes to Indiana's criminal code

There were quite a few changes to Indiana’s criminal code that took effect Tuesday, July 1. Low-level offenders will now be sent to county jails instead of state prisons, which some are concerned will be a financial burden on counties. But there will be some reimbursements for the cost of housing these offenders. The minimum sentences for many crimes has also been reduced.

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