5 things to know for your Thursday in Indiana

Many people in Michiana were without power when a storm rolled into the area, an Elkhart prosecutor takes a different approach following fake pot raids and three other stories to start your day.

Posted on June 18, 2014 at 11:03 p.m.

People were without power as storm moved through Michiana

Many people in Michiana were left without power as a storm swept through the area Wednesday, June 18, reportedly downing trees, power lines and causing transformers to catch on fire. Emergency dispatchers said that several reported crashes may have also been the result of severe weather conditions. As of 6:16 p.m. Wednesday, NIPSCO reported that there were 1,336 without power in Elkhart County.

Following fake pot raids, Elkhart prosecutor takes tougher approach

Authorities raided 12 stores accused of selling synthetic marijuana in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties a week ago, and Elkhart County Prosecutor Curtis Hill wants to focus on the store owners using charges associated with operating illegal business activities. The suspects in St. Joseph County face numerous charges for dealing. The stores in Elkhart County have yet to reopen, unlike the stores in South Bend.

Nancy Grace uses #VomitMom to discuss Osceola woman's death

Twenty-four-year-old Amanda Ezra died during a drunk driving accident Sunday morning, June 15, and the incident has caught the attention of Nancy Grace. However, the TV host used the hashtag #vomitmom to discuss the incident on social media. Ezra, mother of three, was vomiting out of a passenger seat window on Sunday. The driver drove between a utility pole and the guide wire supporting the pole, and Ezra’s head struck the wire and the side of the minivan.

Mishawaka police, pawn shops work together with new reporting system

An ordinance passed June 2 by the Mishawaka City Council requires businesses that sell used or pawned items to report the items to a website that alerts police to stolen items. LeadsOnline allows business owners to input details of the product into the website, which will consequently inform them and police if the item is stolen. Businesses who have used the system report that the number of stolen items that come through their store has decreased.

2014 Elkhart Jazz Festival free, cheap events

Concert tickets, food, merchandise. The costs add up. However, there are a few ways you can save at this year’s Elkhart Jazz Festival from Friday, June 20, to Sunday, June 22. All concerts at the stage on Main Street in front of the Civic Plaza are free. There is a parade and a performance by NFL player and Elkhart native Nathan Palmer that starts 5 p.m. Friday, June 20, at the corner of Waterfall Drive and West Lincoln Avenue. You can find more tips and cheap events here.

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