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The owners of raided Elkhart County gas stations were in the country illegally, the parents of Elkhart County pageant contestants talk about body image and three other stories to start your day.

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 6:01 a.m.

Court raises bond to $5 million for owners of raided Elkhart gas stations

A hearing was held Thursday, June 19, in Superior Court 3 for the owners of several gas stations that were raided in Elkhart County. Gurcharn Singh, 43, and Jaswinder Kaur, 37, face multiple charges including dealing in synthetic drugs, money laundering and corrupt business influence. Both of the individuals are also not in the country legally. The court raised the bond for both Singh and Kaur to $5 million each. If they pay their bonds, both of them have to be deported since they face an order of removal.

The economy's not back yet — 10k fewer Elkhart County residents working compared to 2006

The average number of Elkhart County residents with jobs in the first four months of 2014 lags behind the peak figures in 2006 by more than 10,000. The reason the unemployment rate has dropped as much as it has in recent months is because the labor force has also dropped. People have stopped looking for work. The unemployment rate divides the labor force by the number of people in the labor force without jobs.

Prairie Street overpass will result in fewer train whistles, gas savings and less waiting time

Elkhart Mayor Dick Moore and others broke ground Thursday, June 19, for the Prairie Street overpass project in Elkhart. The mayor said drivers will save money on gas because their cars do not have to idle while waiting for trains to pass, cut down on the eight daily hours in wait time at busy train crossings, traffic will efficiently travel from U.S. 20 Bypass to the Indiana Toll Road and there’ll be fewer train whistles.

Winona Lake man faces up to 140 years in prison after pleading guilty to his charges

Twenty-five-year-old Jeffery Hunt pleaded guilty Thursday, June 19, to charges of robbery resulting in bodily injury, burglary resulting in bodily injury, armed burglary and criminal confinement. Hunt was accused of being involved in a New Paris home invasion that sent a person to the hospital after being struck by a tire iron.

Body image is not a problem for Elkhart County pageant contestants, parents say

Some people think that girls who compete in pageants or scholarship program may be insecure with their bodies, but some parents of Elkhart County pageant contestants don’t think so. Some local parents with daughters who have competed in Junior Miss and Miss America contest said their children have gained confidence through these routines where they have to speak professionally and perform onstage.

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