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Car crashing into local home raises questions about road safety, government responsibility

An Elkhart family is fearful for its safety after a vehicle ran off the road and shoved a parked car through its house. Similar incidences have happened before. INDOT hasn’t acted so far, but plans to put up signs.

Posted on June 14, 2014 at 1:52 p.m.

An Elkhart family is fearful for its safety after a vehicle ran off the road and shoved a parked car into the front door of its home on S.R. 120 Wednesday, June 11. 

Since Nov. 23, 2013, there have been eight reports of autos running off S.R. 120 or similar incidents in the general area of the Lang family’s residence, according to sheriff’s department records. 

A spokeswoman for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) said the agency plans to install new signs in the area to better warn motorists of its dangers. David Fore, the owner of the residence, as well as the Langs, would like to see a guardrail installed – however, Fore said he has received negative responses when he’s brought this idea up to INDOT in the past.

Fore also said he has been told he cannot install his own fence-like structure along the road.

However, Fore said he’s considering installing heavy concrete barriers to protect the house, which is located between Middleton Run Road and C.R. 17.

How involved should government agencies like INDOT be in addressing dangerous spots on roads? Are there other hazardous spots on local state roads that need attention?

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