5 things to know for your Thursday in Indiana

A Middlebury man dies during a mission trip in Thailand, police release the mugshots of 11 individuals arrested in Elkhart raids and three other stories to start your day.

Posted on June 12, 2014 at 5:59 a.m.

Brett Bontrager of Middlebury collapses, dies on mission trip in Thailand

Brett Bontrager, 21, of Middlebury, died Friday, June 6, while serving on a mission trip in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Bontrager was working with Global Tribe Outreach (GTO), where he was training to distribute bibles to different countries. The organization sent Bontrager and other young men into the mountains to physically and spiritually prepare for the trip. Bontrager collapsed during the two-week training while running a 10k back to Chiang Mai.

Future uncertain for Elkhart stores shuttered in synthetic pot raids

Six Elkhart convenience stores were closed Tuesday, June 10, in a synthetic marijuana crackdown, and it is uncertain when the businesses will reopen. Prosecutors sought the immediate closure of the businesses in Elkhart County Superior 3, and a spokesperson for Elkhart County Prosecutor Curtis Hill said the courts will decide when and whether the stores will reopen.

Synthetic pot bust: View jail photos of 11 Elkhart County suspects

Police also released the mugshots of the 11 people arrested in the raid on Elkhart County businesses suspected of selling the synthetic drug. The suspects were arrested Monday, June 11, on preliminary charges including racketeering, money laundering and dealing in synthetic or synthetic drug lookalike substances.

Probable cause found against 11 individuals arrested during Elkhart raids

Magistrate Dean Burton found probable cause for the arrest of the 11 individuals Wednesday, June 11, due to their connection to the sale of synthetic marijuana in Elkhart. Once a court finds probable cause, prosecutors have 72 hours to file formal charges. They remain in custody.

LaCasa surveys Chamberlain neighborhood residents on community satisfaction

LaCasa Inc. surveyed residents in Goshen’s Chamberlain neighborhood about public services, safety and satisfaction with their neighborhood. The organization surveyed 235 people who were part of the community, and 85 percent reported that they felt safe and would recommend the neighborhood to others. The survey was the second in a series of questionnaires assessing the Chamberlain neighborhood, which LaCasa Inc. said is experiencing huge social and financial investment.

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