The top 9 most read stories for this week

    The Elkhart Truth hunts for ghosts, meth cooks find their way into Indiana hotels, an Elkhart student’s perfect attendance wins her a free car and six more of our most read stories this week.

    Posted on June 8, 2014 at 9:00 a.m.

    Ask the Truth: Are there any reported haunted houses or places in the area?

    Readers wanted to know about reported haunted houses or places in Elkhart County, and there were quite a number of ghost stories around the area. Several local buildings were rumored to be haunted, including the Bristol Opera House, the Ruthmere Museum, the Winchester Mansion and the Lerner Theatre. Reporters were able to debunk some of these supposed hauntings, but some other incidences remain unexplained.

    Northern Indiana on fringes of severe weather outbreak

    Much of Indiana was at risk of strong to severe thunderstorms Wednesday, June 4, including damaging winds, large hail, heavy rain, flooding, lightning and tornadoes, according to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. The risk of severe weather was at its highest late Wednesday morning through afternoon in northern and central Indiana.

    Indiana needs to get its education act together

    The Elkhart Truth education reporter Lydia Sheaks reflects on changes to Indiana education over the last year, and she says it is a mess. She offers seven reasons, from a public official accused of manipulating one school’s grade to Indiana repackaging the Common Core. She adds that schools are trying to meet state requirements, but things may be changing too quickly for educators and students to catch up.

    Four injured in two-car collision at U.S. 33, Sunnyside Avenue

    Four people had to be sent to the hospital Saturday, June 7, after a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of U.S. 33 and Sunnyside Avenue in Elkhart. A Mini Cooper disregarded a red light and drove into the intersection, where it was hit by a truck. The driver of the Mini Cooper and her two passengers had to be taken to the hospital. The driver of the truck had to be taken to the hospital as well. The extent of their injuries are unknown.

    Methamphetamine labs pose growing problem, expense for hotel owners

    Methamphetamine cooks are now making the drug in hotels. The Journal Gazette reports that there have been four cases of meth labs found in motels throughout Allen, Huntington and Dekalb Counties. Hotels make up 15 percent of meth labs found in Allen County from 2008 to 2013, accoring to Allen County Health Department records.

    Covington man arrested after shooting rifle into river near I-74 bridge

    Stephen M. Winland, 51, of Covington, was arrested on several charges for firing a rifle mounted on his boat into the Wabash river. A Indiana conservation officer saw him shooting into the river with some bullets ricocheting off the water towards the nearby I-74 bridge.

    Elkhart's second phase of annexation passes city council vote

    Elkhart City Council voted to pass four of the areas representing Phase 2 of its annexation plans, which looks to add 16 areas to the city. A number of dissenters, mostly homeowners, addressed the council during the three-hour meeting, raising concerns about surrounding water and sewer services. Some simply do not want to be a part of the city of Elkhart.

    Prairie, Main Street closings will affect drivers through summer

    Two Elkhart city streets have been closed since Tuesday, June 3, to make way for the construction of an overpass over the Norfolk Southern Railroad rail line. The street closings include Main Street between Indiana Avenue and Willard Street along with Prairie Street between Park Avenue and Stocker Court. The construction is expected to continue until approximately Dec. 1. Construction workers are demolishing 14 buildings in the area to make way for construction.

    Elkhart Memorial student awarded with a free car for her perfect attendance

    Krystal Grubb, an Elkhart Memorial High School freshman, won a silver PT Cruiser in a raffle at her high school. She qualified for the raffle because of her perfect attendance for the 2013-2014 school year.

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