5 things to know for your Friday in Indiana

The Elkhart Truth answers a reader’s question regarding the oldest things in Elkhart County, nine officers are honored at the Elkhart Police Department’s Memorial Day ceremony and three more stories to start your day.

Posted on May 15, 2014 at 11:44 p.m.

Ask the Truth: What are the oldest things in Elkhart County?

Ask the Truth answered a reader’s question about what the oldest things in Elkhart County are, from buildings to houses to restaurants to people. Local historians and museum representatives said the oldest building in Elkhart County is the Bonneyville Mill in Bristol. The oldest house in Elkhart County is the Mills-Ryman House at 20033 C.R. 16. It appears that the oldest restaurant in Elkhart County is The Olympia Candy Kitchen in Goshen. It was difficult to pin down the oldest person in Elkhart, but 2010 census data shows that there’s a man that could be as old as 105 to 109 years old. To find out the story behind these structures and to learn more about the oldest people in Elkhart County, read the full Ask the Truth story here.

Officers honored at Elkhart Police Department Memorial Day ceremony

The Elkhart Police Department held its National Peace Officer Memorial Day ceremony on Thursday, May 15, at the Lerner Theatre, honoring nine police officers for their courage during deadly situations. Those honored included Cpl. Cody Skipper and Cpl. Jason Tripp, who were both given the Medal of Honor. The two officers were commended for their response to a shooting at a Martin’s Super Markets store on Jan. 15.

Elkhart OKs plans for street signs, lights and sidewalks

The city of Elkhart’s redevelopment commission has approved plans for two projects aimed at promoting tourism, which will cost a little more than $500,000. The board agreed to plans that would install a dozen signs that would help lead visitors from the Indiana Toll Road exits to downtown Elkhart. The planned signs are illuminated and would cost $59,000. The board also approved a plan to add more sidewalks and lighting in the North Pointe retail development near the toll road. An engineering estimate suggests that the total cost would be $455,000.

Foe of sewer plant plan starts effort to recall Ontwa Township officials

The leader of a group in opposition to a proposed sewage treatment plant that would discharge into Cobus Creek seeks to recall Ontwa Township Board members who pushed for the project. The proposed treatment plant would process sewage around Ontwa Township, Mich.,and discharge it into the Garver Lake outlet, which leads into Cobus Creek in Elkhart County.

With no recording, Elkhart officials scurry to recreate records of two meetings

Elkhart city officials are trying to recreate the records of activities from two meetings after the recording system in the council chambers did not work as expected. The problem began when the council’s administrative assistant Mary Jo Weyrick, who oversees the recording system, suffered a broken arm after a fall at home. Two other people who knew how to use the machines were not able to attend the two meetings on May 5 and May 7. The council is trying to recreate the records using notes from officials who attended the meetings.

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