Elkhart man's plea to Elkhart City Council sparks discussion about police patrolling

After seeing the effects of violent crime in the area, Dionel Hill recently asked the Elkhart City Council for more police patrolling on the south side of Elkhart, where he and his children live. 

Posted on May 10, 2014 at 11:12 a.m.

Is there more that can be done to reduce violence in Elkhart?

Elkhart resident Dionell Hill made a plea to the Elkhart City Council on Monday, May 5, for more police patrolling in the south side of the city, including the areas around Roosevelt Center and Washington Gardens, a government-subsidized housing complex.

Hill spoke out after recently hearing of two apparent gun incidents in the area.

Off-duty police patrolling was recently eliminated by the housing authority at Washington Gardens after the complex learned it couldn't continue paying officers with federal funds.

Mayor Dick Moore later said Washington Gardens is being covered like the rest of the city, and more patrols would be up to the housing authority.

Tell us: What do you think can be done to reduce violence in Elkhart? Why do you think this problem exists? Should there be more police officers on patrol, or is there a better solution?

Here's how some readers responded to Hill's request to the council. Continue the conversation below or at our Facebook page.

"Dionell speaks and works. He's not alone out here. There are a lot of people standing up. Please follow and support the work of him and others and we will see the impact," Jason Moreno said on Facebook.

"People from neighborhoods can patrol their own neighborhoods better than the outside Police can. People who know their neighbors and know where the trouble elements are and what changes and comings and goings on are happening are the best crime fighters known. Those who do neighborhood watch can be in close control with the professional Police - who can respond in force and become the uplink for investigations of suspicious activities. Homeland security begins at home and it is ultimately our own responsibility in a civil and free society to secure our own persons and property. Everything else is synthesis and coordination with higher authorities that are less needed the more we can take care of ourselves," Tom Butler commented online.

"Personal responsibility through strong families is the answer. The moral and social breakdown of the family has led to more crime and poverty. Throwing money at problems never fixes them, it only masks the true problem," JeffersonQuotes commented online.


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