5 things to know for your Sunday in Indiana

Record Store Day draws music enthusiasts to their local record stores, an Elkhart couple will soon celebrate their 75th anniversary and three other stories to start your day.

Posted on April 20, 2014 at 4:25 a.m.

1. Couple married 75 years remember the beginning of life together

Jim and Joan Strati will soon celebrate their 75th anniversary. They first met in 1936 through friends. Jim lived in Toledo, Ohio, and Joan lived in Elkhart, so they would send letters to one another. Jim would sometimes respond to Joan’s letter on the same day that it arrived in Elkhart. The two shared a lot in common. They were both Italian and believed in the importance of family. Jim and Joan then got married at the St. Vincent De Paul Church in Elkhart, and they have been together ever since.

2. Record Store Day draws vinyl enthusiasts to Ignition Music Garage in Goshen

Many bands release exclusive vinyl copies of their albums in limited copies on Record Store Door in order to support independent record stores such as Ignition Music Garage. Around 130 people lined up outside the Goshen record store on Saturday morning so that they would be among the first to get their hands on these rare records, according to store manager Trevor Moore. Some of these music enthusiasts even came as early as 5:15 a.m. in the morning. This year’s special releases included Dave Matthews Band, MGMT, The Velvet Underground and a live recording of the Grateful Dead.

3. "The most horrible campaign": It's getting testy in the District 22 Indiana House contest

Incumbent Rebecca Kubacki blasted the “despicable” tone of the race. She faces Republican challenger Curt Nisly for the District 22 seat in the Indiana House. However, Nisly supporters have waged a war of words against Kubacki by writing letters-to-the-editor in newspapers like The Elkhart Truth and the Warsaw-Times Union. Nisly denies any suggestion of dirty campaigning, saying it's all about the issues. Kubacki was first elected to the seat in 2010. She will seek her third term in the May 6 primary.

4. Incumbent Lucchese faces county engineer in commissioner race

Incumbent Frank Lucchese will face highway department engineer Rick Easton for the District 1 seat on the Elkhart County Board of Commissioners in the upcoming May primaries.

Lucchese said that his biggest accomplishments in his two terms have been improving the county’s infrastructure and his role in the installation of a fiber optic network that connects buildings in Elkhart and Goshen. He describes himself as financially conservative.

The race will be Easton’s first time running for a political office. His top objectives are to streamline overlapping county departments, cut back on spending and open lines of communication between him and taxpayers.

5. Twitter map shows favorite cheap beers in Indiana and other states

The cheap beers of choice in northern Indiana are Schlitz, Goose Island and Saranac, according to research by University of Kentucky geographer Matthew Zook. Zook used Twitter to map alcoholic preferences throughout the country and found that cheap beer tends to cluster around its original brewery, which is why Chicago's Goose Island and Milwaukee's Schlitz appear to be popular in northern Indiana. The popularity of these brands stretches beyond their states of origin into regions where there are fewer local competitors.

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