5 things to know for your Saturday in Indiana

Potholes may cost the city of Elkhart an additional $2 million in road repairs, a mysterious wall painting was discovered at Goshen's Hawks Furniture building and three other stories to start your day.

Posted on April 19, 2014 at 3:03 a.m.

1. Potholes may cost the city of Elkhart an additional $2 million

The harsh winter left stretches of roadway in Elkhart so severely damaged that additional repairs could cost up to $2 million, according to Mayor Dick Moore. The city usually spends $1 million in pothole and paving projects, so the total cost could reach $3 million in total. Elkhart’s road improvement programs usually add new paving surfaces to 10 to 15 miles, but Moore said the damaged roads this year could increase that by five to six miles.

2. LoveWay Inc. provides therapeutic horseback riding for individuals with special needs

LoveWay, Inc., is a Middlebury non-profit organization that provides therapeutic horseback riding services to people with special needs. The organization currently has 260 riders, and a majority of their students participate on full scholarships. Each routine teaches riders about sequencing, which are actions arranged in a particular order. The repetition helps them to improve memory skills. The exercise also allows the riders to bond with their horses.

3. Impacted Elkhart area runners reflect on Boston Marathon bombings, and look ahead

Elkhart area runner Andy Williams participated in the Boston Marathon in 2013 but was a couple hours removed from the scene when the bombings happened near the finish line. Williams and his family will head back to Boston this year so Andy can race again on Monday, April 21. He admitted that “it would be on anybody's mind that there could always be (a copycat incident)” but thinks that it is unlikely. Williams said he feels it is important for people to do the things they love without living in fear. The Elkhart Truth also spoke to two other runners who participated in the Boston Marathon last year.

4. Wall painting discovered during work done at Goshen's Hawks Furniture building

A mysterious wall painting has been found at the historic Hawks Furniture building in Goshen, showing a faded picture of four men in soldier uniforms and a flag. LaCasa Inc. has partnered with DJ Construction to renovate the former Hawks Furniture building near downtown Goshen into a new live-work space for local artists and entrepreneurs. The three-story building at 125 W. Madison St. will include 35 apartments on its north side. The former industrial structure will become the Hawks Arts and Enterprise Center.

5. Marijuana arrests by state: How does Indiana compare to surrounding states?

A new study from Addiction Treatment shows that you are three times more likely to get caught smoking marijuana in Illinois than in Indiana in 2012. In fact, Illinois had the highest rate of marijuana arrests of any state with 30,758 arrests per 100,000 users and 1,669 arrests per 100,000 citizens. Indiana had the second highest marijuana arrest rate compared to surrounding states with 7,132 arrests per 100,000 users, and 336 arrests per 100,000 citizens.


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