Readers respond to Goshen College being No. 9 on 'biggest waste of tuition money' list

News website Policy Mic recently published an article which lists Goshen College as one of the biggest wastes of tuition in the United States, but some of our readers did not agree and took to social media to defend the college.

Posted on April 3, 2014 at 9:49 p.m.

News website Policy Mic recently listed Goshen College as one of the biggest wastes of tuition money in the United States.

The news website based its rankings on the self-reported salaries of 33 persons who claim to be Goshen College graduates.

This raised some of our reader's eyebrows, and some took to social media to defend Goshen College.

The college also responded to the article by posting this message on their Facebook page

"So, Goshen College recently made a top ten list … in an online article you might have seen floating around titled “These 10 Colleges Are the Biggest Waste of Tuition Money in the U.S.” Really? Based on self-reported salaries from a whopping 29 alumni (when we have 20,000+ alums), they claim that a GC education isn’t worth the money? Possibly someone needs to attend GC and take a statistics or research methods class!

But as you know, the value of a GC education is more than just how much money our alumni rake in. It’s about the global and local experiences, the relationships formed with peers and professors, Christ-centered core values, a transformative education and our culture for service.

Still need hard proof that GC is a great return on investment?

- 94% of job-seeking graduates from the class of 2012 were employed within one year after graduation.

- 90% of 2012 graduates were satisfied or very satisfied with their GC education.

- GC was ranked second in the number of graduates going on to earn doctorates among all Indiana institutions. Nationally, Goshen College ranks 87th out of 262 similar schools.

So alumni, tell us (and others) how GC was a good return on investment for you. Don't let some misinformed top ten list define your education and degree!"

When we asked our readers what they thought about Policy Mic's list, this is what they had to say.


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