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Chickens gather around a bucket in a pasture near Karen Wellingtons' home in Goshen on Friday, July 2, 2010. The Goshen City Council voted Tuesday, March 18, 2014, to prohibit city residents from keeping hens on their properties. (Jennifer Shephard/The Elkhart Truth) (JENNIFER SHEPHARD)
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Posted on March 22, 2014 at 10:30 p.m.

Here are five stories that got the most attention from our readers. All quotes appear in their original form and have not been edited.

Ten drivers fired from Elkhart County Highway Department in cost-cutting move

Ten drivers lost their jobs with the Elkhart County Highway Department in a cost-cutting move that county officials say could save the county $400,000 a year. They were workers who plowed snow, fixed potholes and repaired roads.  Here's what readers had to say in response to the story.

biker: "This is normal policy for government entities. In order to get more money from the taxpayers they will make cuts where it will be felt the most by the public. Schools do it all the time by reducing bussing, enlarging class sizes, etc. There are sensible cuts that can be made in ALL government spending, but it behooves the politicians to cut where it hurts."

Indiana Pig Save: "So these drivers busted their butts after a long, record breaking winter, out in dangerous conditions, trying to make the roads safer for everyone, and this is the thanks they get? Sure they can collect unemployment, but it certainly isn't going to be the same as what they were making. The ones that didn't get laid off will be forced to do the jobs of the 10 that no longer have jobs. They struggled to clear roads this winter. Imagine how it's going to be with ten less people working to clear snow next winter. Trying to get all of the potholes filled is going to be a very difficult task."

Jack Lengacher Jr.: "I know the management at the highway department. They are top notch, caring people. They have limited resources. And I know for a fact the top guy was in a snow plow himself this winter to give his drivers a break and help out. Not many bosses would do that."

Elkhart county council approves $550k agreement for traffic signal updates

Elkhart county council will use federal funds to upgrade the county's traffic signals, from the installation of more traffic signals, sun-blocking back plates and pedestrian push signals. Here's what readers had to say about the updates.

Kelly Kauffman: "Why are we getting new traffic lights when we are losing a battle with potholes? Waste of money."

Sean Leonard: "What business does the federal government have giving Elkhart a half a million dollars for traffic light replacement? You do know that we will need to pay that money back to China one day, right? Insanity!"

Jennifer Eskridge: "When someone loses there life in a car accident because the traffic lights were covered in a snowstorm I think this is neccessary! There were hundreds of accidents because of the lights being snow covered...good job elkhart county I just hope they do the same for surrounding counties as well! Before someone dies in an accident from light being snow covered, in there city!"

3 Doors Down, Danielle Bradbery, Tyler Farr to perform at 2014 fair

The Elkhart County 4-H Fair announced their concert line-up this year, kicking off with 3 Doors Down on Saturday, July 19. The fair board chose a number of artists who they thought would appeal to "a wide range of fairgoers". This is what our readers had to say about the line-up.

Jon Huber: "I find it hard to believe that one modern rock act, a Christian act, and being rounded out by country is something that "will appeal to a wide range of fairgoers" according to board president-elect Rich Utley."

Rick Wright: "Every year the lineup for the County Fair is announced I am always reminded of the phrase "You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public." Many of the groups are essentially tribute bands with familiar names as many of the principal players have died or moved on. Styx is not Styx without Dennis DeYoung and the Panozzo brothers. The Guess Who is not the Guess Who without Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman, the Beach Boys are not the Beach Boys as Carl and Dennis Wilson are dead and Al Jardine, Mike Love and Brian Wilson won't appear together. Don't get me started on the Temptations as there is only one original member that plays with the abomination now called the Temptations."

Hearts Desire Antiques: "Eeeeeewww. NO rock n roll .... Guess I'll save myself SEVERAL trips to the fair this year ..... Normally go at least 3 if not 4 times to listen to the entertainment .... We spend a lot on food & some rides even at my age ... Looks like I'll be going on vacation with what this will save me ......"

Ordinance to allow Goshen residents to keep chickens fails

Goshen city council voted to turn down an ordinance that would have allowed residents to keep up to six hens on Tuesday, March 18. There were concerns during the meeting about how chickens would affect public health and property values. This is how our readers responded to the decision.

Krista Lee Kochersperger Lee: "Ignorance prevails and, of course, it all comes down to the mighty dollar....a basic need of wanting to provide good, fresh, economical and humanely raised food for their families has been denied. Get with the times. People are taking control of the food they eat because this is yet another area the government has failed us...."

Charles Newman: "My Great Grandfather was the last person to have chickens within our city limit. The city moved around him. Do chickens make noise that becomes a headache? NOPE! Do chickens create a health hazard? NOPE! Is someone going to raise chickens for the purpose of getting fryers? NOPE! The meat will be old and therefore tough. The only thing chickens would be used for would be laying eggs. When their life for laying eggs is over, then they would have chicken for boiled meat."

Andy Lehman: "You guys must have never been around chickens raised for eggs. there is no real no "noise" and they dont stink. And Footballgirl really just cause there are other places to buy eggs donst mean we dont want to raise our own. i garden and like raising my own food and seriously you think people would be breeding them? no more than because i have a dog i am going to breed a dog! And it isnt exactly easy to move to the country. We had been looking to move the the country for several months and there just are not houses for sale and if there is the go so fast to amish people.. really please educate yourself chickens are really no different than any other pet"

Public invited to sound off on U.S. 33 rerouting project in Goshen

INDOT hosted a public meeting on Thursday to talk about a proposed plan to reroute part of U.S. 33 in Goshen. Here's what people had to say about the project.

Bobbie Mills: "I'm all for anything that would alleviate the "waiting on the train" portion of almost every trip we make from one side of town to the other. It would be $$ well spent in my opinion."

Mbernard: "Very interesting! A clear advantage is getting truck traffic off Main St and 3rd St. This large vehicle traffic is a distraction from the historic character of downtown which has been built up so well. Further, I have witnessed many safety concerns as well. I'm sure there will be tears about Phend field. But, the St Rd 15 connector must also accompany this change for the full effect to be realized."

Tim Lamborn: "They need a complete bypass around Goshen. Way too much traffic going thru that small of a highway system. 21st century traffic travelling over 1950's roads."