March brings awareness to diseases, organizations and issues

Here's a list of the national awareness efforts taking place during the month of March.

Posted on March 3, 2014 at 9:39 p.m.

The month of March brings more than just the hope of spring weather – it's awareness month for a variety of diseases, organizations and issues.

To keep you up to date, here's a list of the topics that will receive acknowledgement this month:

Brain Injury Awareness Month - The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) will spread the word about brain injuries this month. The association wants to use the time to bring awareness to the fact that brain injuries can happen at anytime and to anyone by making information more easily accessible.  

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month - March was officially named National Colon Cancer Awareness Month in 2000 by President Clinton. Since then, thousands of patients, survivors, caregivers and advocates have come together each year to spread colon cancer awareness.

Endometriosis Awareness Month - The goal of the month is to raise awareness for an “invisible” disease that affects millions of women worldwide. By bringing the signs and symptoms of Endometriosis to light, everyone can be more informed of its effects on the women who suffer from it.

Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month - Arthritis is one of the musculoskeletal disorders that destroys joints, bones and muscles, which makes almost any physical movement painful for those suffering from it. Juvenile Arthritis (JA) is used to describe inflammatory conditions that develop in children ages 16 and younger. 

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month - Multiple Sclerosis is an immune-mediated disease that makes the body's immune system attack its central nervous system (CNS). The month's awareness efforts work to provide people with more information on the disorder. 

Nutrition Month - "Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right" is the theme for National Nutrition Month® 2014. Eating right and balancing diets is the goal of the month's awareness efforts.

Red Cross Month - As one of the nation’s top humanitarian organizations, the American Red Cross is dedicated to helping people in need throughout the United States and world.

Social Worker’s Month- "All People Matter" is this year's Social Worker's Month theme, which will work to raise awareness for American social workers' efforts to improve the country's social conditions.

Women's History Month - Women’s History Month was first celebrated in 1981. The month is encourages people to remember the experiences and learned histories of women in our society.

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