Here's a recap of this week's most read stories

    Here's a recap of this week's most read stories, as well as what people are saying about them.

    Posted on Feb. 22, 2014 at 3:05 p.m.

    1. Concord High biology teacher questioned over creationism videos

    What's the story about?

    After Concord High School biology teacher Ryan Culp showed his class a series of videos called "Lies in the Textbooks," which advocate creationism, the Freedom From Religion Foundation got involved. The group said it was contacted by a concerned parent, which prompted it to send a letter to the school. In the letter, the foundation calls for Culp's teaching to be investigated, disciplinary action to be taken if it's warranted and Culp to issue an apology to his students.

    What are people saying about it?

    "There's a difference between indoctrinating vs exploring. A teacher should expose his/her students to the main theories to help students understand the conflicts within the ongoing debate of how the world came to be. Neither theory has worthy testable methods to show factuality, and both theories are supported by a wildly diverse audience with their fair share of nutty zealots." – Joseph W. Fox (comment on www.elkharttruth.com)

    "If the school district does not move on this fast, they will be facing a very expensive lawsuit which they will lose. Creationism may not be taught in public schools. The federal courts have repeated ruled that it violates the constitution to teach religious doctrine in public school. Thank God our constitution protects our students from religious indoctrination. That is thankfully reserved for our homes and churches." – Loren Haas (comment on www.elkharttruth.com)

    "Someone up in this chain stated that 'teaching creationism never hurt anybody." I respectfully disagree. Teaching creationism limits and/or eliminates the opportunities that children have to become introduced to science and deductive analysis. Teaching creationism instead of evolution makes it more difficult for those children to become engineers, chemists, doctors, nurses, researches, or obtain other scientifically-grounded careers because they are not then learning the necessary building blocks during their formative years. This hurts kids by limiting their opportunities to succeed." – Kelly Hartzler (comment on Facebook)


    2. Wrongly convicted Elkhart woman sues two cops for bad evidence

    What's the story about?

    Lana Canen, of Elkhart, has filed suit against two police officers after faulty fingerprint evidence put her in prison for eight years for a crime she didn't commit. Elkhart County Sheriff's Department Deputy Dennis Chapman presented himself as an expert in fingerprint identification, and testified the print belonged to Canen. However, it turns out he had no training or experience in the field. Canen was released after a certified fingerprint analyst confirmed the print in question didn't belong to her. 

    What are people saying about it?

    "I don't know Ms.Canen, but I do know she was cheated out of 8 years of her life, and that should cost the people who cheated her something. She did the crime of check deception, and paid her debt back to society by either jail time, and/or restitution. Now its time for the county/state to pay her back for the wrongful charge and imprisonment." – Timmy79 (comment on www.elkharttruth.com)

    "Part of the problems is that the police in this area are given entirely way too much power and most of them don't even know that they are abusing their power it's just the way they were trained. On top of that the courts in Elkhart County are EXTREMELY biased and corrupt." – Jennifer Allen (comment on www.elkharttruth.com)

    "If I had to make a guess I would say Chapman figured Canen was a bottom feeder and just assumed she was involved in the crime. But instead of doing the right thing he figured he would take some liberties with the truth and it was OK because Canen was guilty. The problem was Canen was not guilty and due to Chapman's negligence lost 8 years of her life. Chapman should have criminal charges brought against him and definitely lose his job in addition to civil penalties. Tacitly or otherwise once we start justifying peace officers or officers of the court knowingly lying we have gone down a very slippery slope." – Rick Wright (comment on www.elkharttruth.com)


    3. County fair officials wrapping up this year's entertainment lineup

    What's the story about?

    Even though the Elkhart County 4-H Fair is some time away, officials on its board are finalizing and will be announcing this year's concert lineup next month. Six acts have been secured so far, and a seventh is expected to be added.

    What are people saying about it?

    On Facebook, we asked our readers which acts they'd like to see. Here are some of their responses.

    "LUKE BRYAN!" – Megan Grindle (comment on Facebook)

    "Some ROCK bands...LESS country!!! Stop making it biased" – JoAnna Stemm Cianfarani (comment on Facebook)

    "Kid rock, or U2, or Metallica, or Bon Jovi!! Hell YEAH! Let's get some ROCKIN' BABY!!!" – Daisy Cañete (comment on Facebook)

    "Johnny Winters, Big head Todd & the Monsters,Willie Nelson, Zac Brown Band, Bruno Mars, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue-just to name a few." – Jeannie Olinger Rife Gonzales (comment on Facebook)


    4. Major retail project moves forward

    What's the story about?

    Three tenants have officially committed to Shoppes on Six, the biggest retail development in Elkhart's recent memory. Shoe Carnival, PetSmart and Ross Dress for Less will be the center's anchor stores. Dunkin' Donuts, Penn Station, Panda Express and Great Clips will also be housed there.

    What are people saying about it?

    On Facebook, we asked our readers what stores they'd like to see come to the shopping center. Here are some of their responses.

    "chipotle" – Angela Logan (comment on Facebook)

    "Still waiting for Chick-Fil-A!" – Becka Jiménez

    "'Major retail?' . Wow we really have fallen off the map if this is major?" – Dan Schaefer (comment on Facebook)


    5. Goshen woman recounts experience onboard hijacked plane

    What's the story about?

    On a flight back from Ethiopia, a Goshen couple had a nightmarish experience after their plane was hijacked. Jolene and Darin Shrock, as well as their 5-year-old daughter, were in the air when oxygen masks suddenly dropped, the plane started jerking around and a panicked voice came over the intercom system. Fortunately the plane was landed safely. We spoke with Jolene Shrock on video about the hijacking.

    What are people saying about it?

    "Sooo glad they are safe!" – Stephanie McIntosh (comment on Facebook)

    "Welcome back home glad your safe" – Ana Maria Gonzales

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