5 things to know for your Thursday in Indiana

In case you missed them, here's a recap of yesterday's top stories to start you day.

Posted on Feb. 12, 2014 at 10:16 p.m.

1. Gun was never unattended, says former school employee

Concord Community Schools said a former employee, groundskeeper Rick Ball, brought a gun to school on Jan. 27 and 28 and left the gun unattended inside his coat pocket "at various times throughout those two days."

The district asked Ball, who is an Elkhart County Sheriff's Department reserve officer, to resign because of the incident.

Ball said he never left the gun unattended.

"The coat was on me at all times," he said.

2. A Bald Eagle visits Island Park Wednesday

One of our photographers, Jennifer Shephard, went on an early morning hike around Elkhart's Island Park. While she was shooting photos of trees dusted with snow, goose tracks and a swan swimming in the river, she saw something remarkable – a Bald Eagle flying through the air.

She only saw it for a few moments, but managed to capture a few photos of the bird

3. Fight between Goshen man and woman leads to multiple charges

After a Goshen woman told police her boyfriend had abused her and asked them to accompany her to their shared home to retrieve her belongings, the officers found more than they expected.

While speaking with Ruben Rubio, the man in question, officers smelled a strong chemical odor that alerted them to a methamphetamine lab in the residence. 

Rubio was arrested on preliminary charges of domestic battery, strangulation and manufacturing methamphetamine. 

4. Longtime principal announces he will retire

Allan Dueck, principal of Bethany Christian Schools, said recently he plans to retire at the end of this calendar year.

He's been the principal since 1995, and said in a statement he's enjoyed his time at the school.

"With his strong work ethic and excellent administrative skills, Allan kept Bethany within budget year after year," Sharon Yoder, Bethany's board chair, said. "He was willing and able to make hard decisions during hard economic times and found creative ways to fuel growth and attract students."

5. South Bend company gets OK to produce hydroelectricity by Goshen powerhouse

After more than a year of negotiations, it's been agreed that a South Bend-based company will start generating hydroelectricity at The Mill Race Canal in Goshen.

Though the agreement between the redevelopment commission and Falling Waters, the South Bend company, has been made, it will likely take several years before the location begins producing hydroelectricity.

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