Winter storm prompts hot competition for best freezing image

Braving blizzard conditions to have fun in the snow.

Posted on Jan. 7, 2014 at 12:00 a.m.

GOSHEN — On Monday, we posted a story about a Goshen couple's extreme snow Facebook photo asking if anyone could top their creativity.

Since then, we've gotten a large response from the community accepting the challenge.

For a list of snow challenge photos and videos, check out the gallery below.

Can you top this Goshen couple's snow photo?

The sub-zero temperatures didn't keep one Goshen couple indoors Monday. They decided to have a little fun in the snow - in a brave way.

Jennifer Yordy posted a photo on Facebook of her and husband Chad in swimsuits lounging in lawn chairs in their snowy backyard. Jennifer says it was part of a photo/video challenge she and a group of friends were taking part in.

“It started out with my friend Josh (Bean) posting a video of him running out to a swing set and back,” Jennifer said. “Then a couple more friends decided to respond, then Chad and I did it.”

Since posting the photo, Jennifer has had local friends as well as people from Fort Wayne, Michigan and Indianapolis respond trying to one-up her photo. She said the group has always done silly photo projects like this, but they've never been this bold.

So what was the photo-taking experience like for Jennifer?

“I had my oldest daughter stand at the door to take the picture. I was outside for about 45 seconds then I ran back inside.”

Want to see what other people in Elkhart County did to make the cold weather more fun? Click here.

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