What grade did your child's school get for the 2012-13 year?

Indiana's school report card is out.

Posted on Dec. 20, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. | Updated on Dec. 20, 2013 at 12:53 p.m.

Indiana A-F school grades for the 2012-13 year were released Friday, Dec. 20.

Elkhart raised several of its school grades, including Pierre Moran Middle School, which went from an F to a C.

Mary Feeser and Riverview both made a A grade last year, compared to C's for both in the 2011-12 year.

No Elkhart Community Schools failed, but three — Hawthorne, Mary Beck and Beardsley — received a D grade.

Superintendent Rob Haworth said that he is reluctant to comment on the grades, because he and the school board believe the grading system is flawed.

“We are concerned about the validity and the formula used to calculate the grades,” Haworth said, pointing out that the state board of education is working to come up with a new accountability system for schools.

“The current grades, that we are looking at right now, have been figured on the old formula that our General Assembly wanted to change,” he said. “Given the flaws with the current formula ... we are still doing the same things we've always done. We continue to see overall, districtwide, improvement in the grades.”

Haworth also said that all Elkhart Community schools have improvement plans in place — even the A schools.

Three Goshen schools raised their grade significantly. Goshen Middle School went from an F to a C, and Prairie View and West Goshen went from a D to a B.

Just one Goshen school — Chamberlain — received a failing grade.

Goshen superintendent Diane Woodworth said in a statement that the grades show “significant gains” for the district.

“However, we acknowledge that there is still much work to do in order to build on this growth to continue to raise student achievement,” she continued. “We will do this work while maintaining our commitment to developing the whole child and to providing excellence and quality for all Goshen students.”

Woodworth joined other local superintendents in stating that the letter grades do not accurately depict the real education that students receive.

Two Concord schools improved last year. West Side and Ox Bow moved up one letter grade. All other Concord schools either stayed the same or received a lower grade than the previous year.

Concord Community High School and East Side held on to their A grades from the 2011-12 year.

Bryan Waltz, director of elementary curriculum for Concord, said in an email that the corporation is pleased with the schools' performance and it continues to review ways to improve it.

Waltz also said that the district does not “put large amounts of stock into the state's grading system, for which the legislature has already mandated change.”

“The transparency of an unclear and inconsistent grading system misleads the public,” he said.

Wa-Nee schools earned almost all A's, with one exception — NorthWood Middle School received a B. The corporation received all A's in the previous school year.

Tim Bennett, director of curriculum and instruction for Wa-Nee, said that the corporation is pleased with the schools' progress.

“We are looking at what is working and continuing that,” he said. “The grades are a reflection of student and teacher hard work and support from parents and our community.”

Middlebury schools raised three grades in 2012-13. Heritage Intermediate raised a D to a B, and Orchard View and Middlebury Elementary raised B's to A's.

“Our staff, students, and parents have done a great job with continuing to work together to achieve success,” Jane Allen, Middlebury superintendent said in an email. “Our grade reports reflect the hard work done in all of the schools.”

Fairfield's grades remained the same as the previous year at all corporation schools. A representative of Fairfield was not immediately available to comment on the grades.

Baugo schools improved their scores. Jimtown High School went from a B to an A, and the elementary and intermediate schools went from D's to C's. A representative of Baugo was not immediately available to comment on the grades.


Cleveland Elementary — A

Osolo Elementary — C

Eastwood Elementary —C

Mary Feeser Elementary — A

Bristol Elementary — C

Elkhart Central High — B

Elkhart Memorial High — C

North Side Middle — B

West Side Middle — B

Pierre Moran Middle — C

Beardsley Elementary — D

Mary Beck Elementary — D

Mary Daly Elementary — B

Hawthorne Elementary — D

Pinewood Elementary — A

Monger Elementary — A

Riverview Elementary — A

Roosevelt Elementary — C

Woodland Elementary — B


Goshen Middle — C

Model Elementary — D

Waterford Elementary — D

Goshen High — B

Chamberlain Elementary — F

Chandler Elementary — D

Parkside Elementary — B

Prairie View Elementary — B

West Goshen Elementary — B


Concord Junior High — C

Concord Community High — A

Concord Intermediate — C

Concord East Side Elementary — A

Concord Ox-Bow Elementary — A

Concord South Side Elementary — C

Concord West Side Elementary — B


North Wood Middle — B

Wakarusa Elementary — A

North Wood High — A

Nappanee Elementary — A

Woodview Elementary — A


Jefferson Elementary — B

Northridge Middle — A

York Elementary — C

Heritage Intermediate — B

Middlebury Elementary — A

Northridge High — A

Orchard View Elementary — A


Fairfield Jr-Sr High — B

Millersburg Elementary — A

New Paris Elementary — A

Benton Elementary — A


Jimtown High — A

Jimtown Junior High — B

Jimtown Elementary — C

Jimtown Intermediate — C

Private Schools

Elkhart Christian Academy — A

St. Thomas The Apostle School — A

Bethany Christian School — B

Saint Vincent DePaul School — F

Saint John The Baptist Catholic School — B

Clinton Christian School — A

Trinity Lutheran School — B

EDITOR'S NOTE: The original version of this story included the wrong grade for one of the schools. It has been updated and this version of the story is now correct.

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