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Sunday, April 20, 2014

New grandstand wings, bathroom buildings, alarm system coming to fairgrounds

Posted on Dec. 18, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

The topic that produced the most discussion was the construction of two new bathroom buildings. One of the buildings will be located in the northwest corner of the grounds. The second will likely be located in the area near gate G.

The buildings will also feature storage capacity and may allow for laundry capabilities, depending on the board’s final wishes. The board will also have to finalize the exact location of the second restroom building.

Some discussion was raised on the necessity of a storage area in the second building, but the board eventually voted on the entire building with the storage intact.

Built into the budget at $250,000 per building, a bid has come in to construct them at $235,048. The board is still waiting on a few other bids, but fair officials say they will not choose any bid higher than what has already come in.

The board also voted in favor of new wings on the north and south end of the grandstand for up to $380,000. Board President Tim Yoder said a bid has come in for the wings at $364,700.

The wings will allow the seating capacity to increase from 1,960 to 2,760 without increasing the wings’ footprint to the north and south.

The final item voted into the budget Wednesday was a siren alarm system.

A bid for the installation, originally estimated to be $65,000, has come in for $62,426.

Work on the projects can not begin as soon as possible now that they have been voted into the budget. Fair officials said they hope to have all the projects finished by this year’s fair, which begins July 18.

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