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MIDDLEBURY LoveWay creates Christmas wish list

LoveWay Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Middlebury, has a holiday wish list that includes more than 25 items including non-perishable horse treats and ice melt.
Posted on Dec. 12, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

MIDDLEBURY — LoveWay Inc., a nonprofit group that offers therapeutic horseback riding, has created a wish list for the Christmas season that includes more than 25 items, including;

Ÿ White copy paper

Ÿ Cardstock

Ÿ Postage stamps

Ÿ Three-tab manila folders

Ÿ Avery postcards, 5 1/2 inches by 4 1/4 inches

Ÿ Photo paper

Ÿ Dry erase markers

Ÿ Non-perishable horse treats

Ÿ Canned cat food, not pate

Ÿ Kitty litter

Ÿ Ice melt

Ÿ Paper towels

Ÿ Hand soap refills

Ÿ Three-ounce paper cups

Ÿ Boxes of tissues

Ÿ Folding chairs

Ÿ Gift cards to Staples, Sam’s Club, WalMart, Big R, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby or for gas

Ÿ One-size-fits-all children’s gloves

Ÿ Kid’s music CDs

Ÿ Balls for arena games, any size or variety

Ÿ Brooms, any size

Ÿ Peppermint hard candy

Ÿ Plastic totes, any size

Ÿ Hair brushes

Ÿ Mane ’n Tail brand shampoo and conditioner

Ÿ Wipe II Citronella Fly Spray

Ÿ Volunteers

Staff at LoveWay, 54151 C.R. 33 in Middlebury, can be reached by calling 825-5666 or emailing

Local organizations can email their holiday wish lists to

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