Goshen seeks to upgrade six railroad crossings

Goshen is in the midst of seeking to improve six railroad crossings.
Posted on Nov. 5, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

GOSHEN — The Goshen City Council approved a resolution Tuesday night, Nov. 5, supporting the upgrade of six railroad crossings along the Norfolk Southern Railroad Marion branch on the city’s east side.

The crossings involve New York Street, Burdick Street, Jackson Street, Plymouth Avenue, Reynolds Street and Purl Street. Three of the crossings have nothing more than a stop sign, said city engineer Mary Cripe.

The Indiana Department of Transportation has already approved federal funding from the Highway Safety Improvement Fund.

The city will have to provide about $176,000 to cover 10 percent of the entire $1,584,000 project, Cripe said.

He said the improvement comes at a time of increased pedestrian traffic for students in the area and long-term plans for the north connector road that ties in with U.S. 33.

The improvements will include gates, warning lights and other precautions, Cripe said.

Other local boards must also sign off on the plan before it heads to the state, a move that will then trigger design work by Norfolk Southern, followed by construction.

The council also approved a resolution supporting the friendly annexation of two small tracks of land for Lippert Components Inc., along C.R. 40.

One more final approval by the council is still needed, according to city attorney Larry Barkes.

In exchange for annexation, Lippert will receive city sewer and water, but will pay for the cost to extend the lines, Barkes said.

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