What is your learning style?

Understanding what your preferred learning style is will help you determine the best way to study.

Posted on Nov. 4, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. | Updated on Nov. 4, 2013 at 12:02 p.m.

Students learn in multiple ways including: seeing, hearing and through hands-on experiences.

Although we learn using various styles, there is usually one learning method that we feel most comfortable with which is called your “preferred learning style.”

There are typically three types of learning styles: Visual, Auditory, and Tactile – also known as Kinesthetic. Understanding what your preferred learning style is, will help you determine the best way to study for your classes, which will lead to more effective study habits, and better academic success.

According to About.com there are specific characteristics, and study tips associated with each learning style. See which characteristics match your preferences, and utilize the following study tips:

1. Visual Learners

o Characteristics:

Ÿ Is good at spelling

Ÿ Needs quiet time to study

Ÿ Understands and likes charts

Ÿ Has to think awhile before understanding a lecture

o Study Tips for Visual Learners:

Ÿ Take notes, and make lists

Ÿ Outline the reading

Ÿ Use flashcards

Ÿ Copy what’s on the board

Ÿ Watch videos

Ÿ Use highlighters, circle words and underline

2. Auditory Learners

o Characteristics:

Ÿ Likes to read to self out loud

Ÿ Reads slowly

Ÿ Likes to participate in study groups

Ÿ Is not afraid to speak up in class

o Study Tips for Auditory Learners:

Ÿ Use word association to remember facts and lines

Ÿ Record lectures

Ÿ Participate in group discussions

Ÿ Repeating facts with eyes closed

Ÿ Using audiotapes for language practice

Ÿ Watch videos

3. Tactile Learners (Kinesthetic)

o Characteristics:

Ÿ Is fidgety during lectures

Ÿ Is good at sports

Ÿ Studies with loud music on

Ÿ Likes role playing

o Study Tips for Tactile Learners:

Ÿ Study in short blocks of time

Ÿ Role playing

Ÿ Participate in study groups

Ÿ Use memory games

Ÿ Use flash cards to memorize

Ÿ Take lab classes

Being able to understand your learning style, and utilize the study tips associated with your particular style may assist you in studying more efficiently for your exams.

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