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Fire fighters continue to douse a smoldering woodpile as they work the scene of a fire at Martinís Animal Bedding on S.R. 119 in Goshen Friday, August 12, 2011. Workers at the wood grinding business tried to contain the initial fire, but it burned out of their control and Elkhart Township was dispatched to the scene and Harrison Township was called in for mutual aid. ¬ (Truth Photo By Jennifer Shephard) (AP)
Martin Animal Bedding Timeline

Posted on Oct. 29, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on Oct. 29, 2013 at 12:24 p.m.

Ÿ December 2007: Martin Animal Bedding begins processing wood waste from area manufacturers.

Ÿ October 2008: Sawdust fire sparked by apparent problem with wood-grinding machine

Ÿ 2010: The Indiana Department of Environmental Management fines Martin Animal Bedding $3,400 for operating without a proper permit.

Ÿ May 2011: A report from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management notes that dust was not contained on the business’ property. IDEM cites Martin Animal Bedding for not having a formalized plan to prevent pollution from stormwater runoff. The owner was given 60 days to develop a plan.

Ÿ August 2011: Firefighters respond to a fire at Martin Animal Bedding that was apparently centered in a large building where the business grinds scrap wood.

Ÿ October 2011: The Elkhart County Board of Zoning Appeals votes 3-2 to deny a request to renew a special use permit expiring Nov. 20, 2011.

Ÿ December 2011: Martin Animal Bedding sues the Elkhart County Board of Zoning Appeals, asking to reverse the special use permit’s denial. Superior Court 3 Judge George Biddlecome grants the business temporary authority to continue operating pending a court hearing in January 2012.

Ÿ February 2012: The Elkhart County Plan Commission holds a hearing and sends a favorable recommendation to the Elkhart County Board of Commissioners to rezone property on C.R. 17 where Martin Animal Bedding would like to relocate.

Ÿ March 2012: The Elkhart County commissioners vote 2-1 to deny Martin Animal Bedding’s rezoning request on C.R. 17.

Ÿ November 2012: Despite turning down a similar request in March, the Elkhart County commissioners vote to support Martin Animal Bedding’s relocation from 21918 S.R. 119 to 65448 C.R. 17. At the hearing, the business’ consultant further explained plans to prevent fugitive dust and agreed to change the entrance to the property.

Ÿ October 2013: Fire breaks out at Martin Animal Bedding’s S.R. 119 location.