Zombie Walk sends undead to downtown Elkhart area

The dead returned to haunt Elkhart's bars Friday night in the Zombie Walk pub crawl.

Posted on Oct. 25, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

ELKHART — The dead walked among the living Friday night, but unlike the creatures of the silver screen, these zombies were thirsty for beer instead of blood.

More than 60 dead-looking Elkhartans registered for the second annual Downtown Zombie Walk on Friday, Oct. 26, at the Lerner Theatre.

Eddie “Dead Head Ed” Golinski limped through The Lerner lobby carrying a bloody cloth sack and meat cleaver, pausing occasionally to take a swig from a jug of Clorox bleach.

Golinski said it took him about an hour to apply his fake skin, green makeup and orange hair dye.

“I wanted to come last year, but I had to work,” Golinski said.

To make up for missing last year’s event, he went all-out on his costume, looping a noose around his neck, padding a hump under his trench coat and hanging a plastic human head from his belt.

The free event included a screening of the cult classic “Night of the Living Dead” at The Lerner, and Dawn “Dawn of the Dead” Bonney brought herself a snack for the movie — a severed leg.

Sue Imbro destroyed her own wedding dress for her costume.

She and husband Dennis Imbro were married in May 2013 and attended the event dressed as a zombie bride and groom.

“It was hard,” she said. “I sat there for probably a good hour just looking at it and deciding what I wanted to do. Then I grabbed the spray paint and sat down and stared at (the dress) some more.”

She spray-painted and tore the dress, then sprayed her dried wedding bouquet with gray paint and wrapped it in cobwebs.

“My family freaked out,” she said.

Dennis Imbro’s costume was less emotionally taxing to create — Sue just bought an old suit from Salvation Army — but she used the boutonniere from their wedding.

Several Elkhart bars participated in the event’s pub crawl and served specialty drinks for the occasion, and a shuttle bus took the revelers safely from bar to bar.

At Five Star Dive Bar, Heidi Barnes and Kathy Aaron tried the “Orange Scream” cocktail.

“It’s really good!” Barnes said, sitting at a table in grey-tinged makeup and ripped and bloody clothes.

The pair said they got some strange looks when they stopped at CVS to buy supplies to touch up their zombie makeup.

“My scar was falling off so we got some liquid Band-Aid to stick it back on,” said Aaron.

All zombies who registered for the event were entered in a costume contest to win a trophy and a $50 gift card for the “judges’ choice” and “people’s choice” awards.

Photos of the zombies will be posted on elkharttruth.com for the people’s choice award voting.

Voting will be open from Saturday, Oct. 27, until noon on Wednesday, Oct. 30. Winners will be announced on Halloween, Thursday, Oct. 31.

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