Elkhart County-born filmmaker putting the finishing touches on ‘Sand Castles’

A movie filmed in Goshen last year will premiere in South Bend next spring.

Posted on Oct. 13, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

GOSHEN — A filmmaker who shot a movie in Goshen last year is eager to show the final cut to local audiences after it makes its rounds through the film festival circuit.

Born and raised in Elkhart County, Jordon Hodges and his crew have about seven more weeks of work left on “Sand Castles,” a drama that chronicles a family’s struggle after their 5-year-old daughter is kidnapped. About 10 years later, the girl returns home, but her family has fallen apart and mending relationships proves complicated. Hodges, who has lived in Los Angeles for nearly four years, wrote and produced the movie in addition to being the film’s lead actor.

“We are finishing up the original musical score and the color correction and grading,” Hodges said. “The next plan of attack is submitting to film festivals all over the world as the relevant deadlines to them approach. We have already submitted a rough version of the film to two festivals, and we have a lot at the end of this month and in November and December.”

Hodges said the local premiere of “Sand Castles” will be at the River Bend Film Festival in South Bend. The four-day festival begins April 2, 2014. Hodges is on the board for the festival and serves as a an official creative ambassador for the event.

After the premiere, Hodges hopes to work with theaters in Goshen and Elkhart to host screenings of his film.

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