Goshen celebrates First Fridays in ‘High Fashion’

The monthly event combined high fashion and sports cars in downtown Goshen.
Posted on Sept. 6, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

GOSHEN — Combine the trendy town of Goshen with just the right amount of vogue, and you have a perfect recipe for a September First Fridays with an appropriate “High Fashion” theme.

That theme offered First Fridays attendees an appropriate mix of popular threads and accessories that could be checked out on a tour of local retailers, and also a Porsches to Goshen Show, which kept West Lincoln Avenue humming with a colorful spectacle of the beautiful German sports cars, auto enthusiasts and the adjoining activities on the courthouse lawn.

“Goshen is a great place to discover high fashion because the business owners in Goshen actually leave Goshen and head to the bigger cities to bring it back to our small town so that we get a little bit of the bigger cities — L.A., Vegas, New York, Chicago all comes here because of our business owners in town,” said Michele Fanfair-Steury, owner of Gift of Gab for more than 12 years.

Fanfair-Steury said First Fridays organizers “are doing a fantastic job of just giving us themes, so it’s up to us business owners to follow through with those themes.” Live mannequins and scavenger hunt items inside participating retailers helped bring high fashion to life.

Natalie Jerlecki and Megan Pierson, two mothers of two from Goshen, were two such live mannequins in the window of Jules Boutique. “We’re two friends having fun, and modeling high fashion for Jules,” said Pierson.

Jerlecki, mother of Miss Indiana 2011 Jackie Jerlecki, said Goshen “is a wonderful place for high fashion, especially because you have a small area of high quality, cute items all here in Downtown Goshen. You don’t have to go to those big stores.”

Laura Noggle, a Porsche representative in training from O’Daniel Porsche in Fort Wayne, looked the part of a high-fashion model among the beautiful automobiles, which she described as having “a timeless beauty.”

“I think it’s the perfect combination,” said Noggle regarding Porsches to Goshen and High Fashion First Fridays.

Vogue has more than one runway in Goshen, Indiana.

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