Plan for Culver’s receives final approval from Goshen Plan Commission

    Construction could begin in as soon as two weeks

    Posted on Aug. 20, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on Aug. 20, 2013 at 6:02 p.m.

    GOSHEN — Construction of a new Culver’s restaurant on the city’s south side could begin in as soon as two weeks after Goshen’s Plan Commission granted secondary plat approval for a three-lot subdivision Tuesday, Aug. 20.

    After contentious meetings on the topic in May and July, in which Campbell Fetter Bank stated its concern about the impact on private easements and traffic flow near the bank at Lincolnway East and Eisenhower Drive, City Planning and Zoning Administrator Rhonda Yoder informed the commission that the issues between the parties had been resolved.

    Jay Shetler, the lead pastor at Maple City Chapel, which owns the portion of property that will be sold to Culver’s, said a compromise was made last week with the bank to keep the easement in front of the church open.

    The church had originally wanted to divert traffic from the front of its building out of concern for the safety of parishioners, but the drive was part of a private easement established with businesses along the route, including Campbell Fetter.

    Shetler said the use of speed bumps and other methods will help to assuage some of the church’s safety concerns while keeping the private easement intact.

    “We, as neighbors there, just worked hard to come up with an agreement that would satisfy all the parties involved and had a good meeting with (the bank) and came up with a solution that will satisfy them,” Shetler said.

    Keith Remington, one of the owners of Culver’s, said he hopes construction will begin sometime in the next two weeks at the site.

    Remington added that the goal for the restaurant is to be open later this year, perhaps by December.

    The commission also granted primary approval of another three-lot subdivision that would lead to the development of a child care center near the north end of the city near Peddlers Village Road.

    The Valparaiso-based Growing Kids Learning Centers is proposing to construct a nearly 15,000-square-foot facility to accommodate up to 248 children and 30 employees.

    The group working towards this goal appeared before the Board of Zoning Appeals in April to receive several variances and Yoder said that all conditions for primary approval had been met, except one.

    Yoder explained that the deficiency in primary plan was the absence of a 5-foot non-access easement would be required along the Elkhart Road frontage.

    A representative from Jones Petrie Rafinski, which is conducting the surveying for the site, said the problem has been corrected and will therefore be resolved by the time the secondary plat comes to the commission for consideration.

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