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Woman buys second property from Elkhart County commissioners

A woman who bought a piece of land from the Elkhart County commissioners last week returned Monday, Aug. 19, to purchase another property.
Posted on Aug. 19, 2013 at 1:00 a.m.

GOSHEN — A woman who bought a piece of land from the Elkhart County commissioners last week returned with her checkbook Monday, Aug. 19, ready to buy another property southwest of Goshen.

Of the four properties the county commissioners put up for sale in August, two have been sold to Emojean Abbott for a total of $126,000. Abbott bought a property at 22043 C.R. 38 from the commissioners Aug. 12 for $54,000, and most recently, she offered $72,000 for land just a mile north of there at 22127 S.R. 119. The commissioners had bought the two properties for right-of-way for construction along C.R. 17.

The county’s highway department is reviewing bids for two other pieces of land that were acquired for road improvements and the construction of Six Span Bridge on the northeast side of Elkhart.

A property appraised for $160,000 at 21833 S.R. 120 received a bid earlier this month from Ronald and Tina Drake, who told the commissioners they have been renting a home there for the past two years. They offered to pay the commissioners $800 per month for five years and another $37,800 after the five-year period is over.

The last piece of land, at 22053 Sunset Lane in Elkhart, received one offer for $50,000 from county commissioner Frank Lucchese. The property had been appraised at $150,000.


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