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Fair facts to close out the 2013 Elkhart County 4-H Fair

Here are the final fair facts for the 2013 Elkhart County 4-H Fair.

Posted on July 27, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on July 27, 2013 at 4:21 p.m.

Ÿ 150: Number of people in the North American Midway Entertainment crew at the fair

Ÿ 497: Rabbits in the show Wednesday, July 24.

Ÿ 98: Children who participated in Wednesday’s kids day frog-jump competition

Ÿ 1,770: Cumulative number of years in 4-H by this year’s group of 10-year members

Ÿ 25,000: Approximate number of pounds of food raised through donations to Church Community Services between cash and food donations during the fair

Ÿ 109.25: Feet, length of the flight of the winner of the paper airplane contest Friday, July 26

And in case you missed the rest of the 2013 fair facts:

Ÿ 300,000: Light-emitting diodes on the Big Wheel on the midway

Ÿ 3,600: Approximate pounds of steak served at the Nedderman’s Steak Tips booth during the 2012 fair.

Ÿ 244,883: Estimated attendance at 2012’s Elkhart County 4-H Fair

Ÿ 384: Acres of the fairgrounds, though the fair uses only about half of that so far


Ÿ 4,516: Exhibits in the 4-H Exhibit Building at the 2013 fair

Ÿ 741: Signs printed in the fair office during the 2012 fair

Ÿ 100: Estimated number of competitors in the 2013 strongman competition

Ÿ 13: Heats in the first day of harness racing Saturday, July 20


Ÿ 177: Number of 10-year 4-H members in 2013

Ÿ 140: Entries in the 4-H Fair parade

Ÿ 75: Mules and horses in the parade

Ÿ 400: Approximate number of participants in the Parade 5,000 Road Run


Ÿ 21.7: Pounds, weight of the largest cat in the cat club in 2013

Ÿ 250,000: Dollars the fair board hoped the public would donate to Church Community Services during this year’s fair

Ÿ 1,620: Dollars raised in Friday’s Ag Day auction to benefit the Seed to Feed program

Ÿ 2,500: Number of paid seats on the track for the Florida Georgia Line concert


Ÿ 100: Feet, the height of the new, larger Vertigo ride on the midway

Ÿ 8: Calves born in the first three days of the fair at the calving tent

Ÿ 4: Lanes of C.R. 17 blocked when the Purple People Eater hot air balloon landed over the weekend

Ÿ 1,200: People who came to the fair in special groups Monday, July 22, as part of Disabilities Awareness Day


Ÿ 51: Years that Asian Elephant Cora has lived

Ÿ 2,000: Children who participated in the kids’ day treasure hunt at the fair in 2012

Ÿ 616: Birds in the 4-H Poultry barn in 2013

Ÿ 3,766: Number of 4-H’ers in Elkhart County this year


Ÿ 449: 4-H Leaders in Elkhart County in 2013

Ÿ 3,980: Number of cars parked in overflow lots Monday, July 22

Ÿ 6: Cars left in fair parking lots overnight Monday, July 22

Ÿ 12: People who chartered helicopter rides between the Goshen airport and the fairgrounds to avoid traffic Wednesday, July 24.


Ÿ 2,000: Dollars donated Wednesday, July 24, by the parade road run, half to the 4-H organization and half to the fair

Ÿ 17: Animals born Tuesday, July 23, in the youth ag area, with one calf, two goat kids and 14 piglets

Ÿ 45: Years the longest exhibitor in the commercial exhibits building has been coming to the fair

Ÿ 3,300: Approximate number of 4-H animals at the fair in 2013


Ÿ 240: Hooks in the truck and tractor pull Thursday, July 25

Ÿ 3,600: Goldfish delivered for the midway by the end of Friday, July 26

Ÿ 52: Recycling bins across the fairgrounds

Ÿ 7: Number of decorated layer cakes on display in the 4-H Exhibit building

Ÿ 14: Number of photo entries featuring dogs; 11 feature cats

Ÿ 165: Number of pedal pull trips by children Thursday, July 25

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