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GAAG: Goshen Board of Public Works and Safety and Stormwater

Posted on June 10, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on June 11, 2013 at 12:16 a.m.

What: Goshen Board of Public Works and Safety and Stormwater

When: Monday, June 10

Key action:

Promoted two probationary patrolmen of the Goshen Police Department to patrolmen and hired five as reserve officers.

Mark Clere and Joshua Farmer completed their probationary period and were promoted to the rank of patrolmen effective Friday, June 14.

Jose Diaz, Jason Bailey, Zachery Miller, Jonathan McKalips and Bryan Rimmer were hired as reserve police officers.

Other actions:

Ÿ Awarded the bid for the Blackport Drive resurfacing project to Walsh and Kelly, whose bid was $98,473.55.

Of that total, $38,083.02 will be paid out of TIF funds while the remaining total will be funded by the Board of Public Works.

Ÿ Also awarded the bid for the Logan Street, Kercher Road and Eisenhower Drive North chip and seal projects to Walsh and Kelly for a total price of $102,952.

The Logan Street part of the project will be funded by the U.S. 33/River Race TIF, while the Kercher Road and Eisenhower Drive portions will be funded through South East Goshen TIF dollars.

Tree removal along Airport Road will be funded by the Board of Public Works for a total of $4,500.

Ÿ Granted Ignition Garage permission to block 10 parking spaces on the south side of East Washington Street from noon until 10 p.m. Sunday, June 16.

The spaces will be closed to allow performers to park their vans and trailers for performances that evening.

Ÿ Granted Menno Travel full use of the city parking lot behind its 210 S. Main St. location on Oct. 1 for the business’ 60th anniversary celebration.

Ÿ Accepted an agreement with Western Waterproofing Company Inc. to repair a leak in the expansion joint at the city’s Wet Weather Detention Facility at 705 N. Indiana Ave.

The repair will cost $12,112 and will be completed within 90 days after a receipt of a notice to proceed.

Ÿ Granted a reduced tipping fee for the rental of three city trucks in the Historic South Side Neighborhood Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16. The neighborhood is holding its annual spring clean-up.