Don’t pick parts of the Bible to believe

Posted on May 27, 2013 at 1:00 a.m. | Updated on May 27, 2013 at 1:33 p.m.

Emily Duchon

Something to Ponder

Reading submissions to the People’s Forum these past weeks, I have had some serious issues distinguishing one letter from another.

Elkhart gets it: You love God.

And while I respect everyone’s right to religious freedom, I also scoff at what the People’s Forum has had to offer me as of late.

“You are wrong, (insert name here), and this Bible passage says so. I win.”

This is what a lot of People’s Forum submissions have boiled down to, and I just wonder why you people haven’t found anything better to do with your free time.

Let’s not twist my words. I encourage people to write into their local publications and share their points of view. I would not have a job were it not for expressing my opinions.

However, I am not rewording my previous columns every Tuesday and calling it new material.

As someone that is still trying to make sense of religion and what it means to me, the snarky, rude means by which some churchgoers set out to combat those who may not believe in God or hold a differing viewpoint is astounding.

The Bible says this, the Bible says that.

Cool. What does being a decent human being say?

The generation following us will look back on our petty arguments and disputes over matters such as marriage rights and laugh that we were all so closed-minded and unable to make any progress because we wanted to paraphrase a book written 3,500 years ago.

But the only parts of this book you people reference are the parts that work for you.

With passages about offering up virgin daughters (Genesis 19:8), eating one’s own children (Deut. 28:53) and beating a slave being fine so long as he “survives a day or two” (Exodus 21:20-21), I just cannot wrap my mind around why the Bible is considered a viable source of information for an argument.

If you could put down your Bible and pick up a book whose author is not an entity that may or may not exist, what would your argument be?

Why don’t you guys mix it up a little and prove your points with facts?

My mistake — I’m just a sinner running her mouth. Those of you working to save humanity by not allowing two people to get married and condemning their way of life are the true heroes.

Because we all know God loves the sight of his children hating one another.

Oh wait, the Bible doesn’t say that?

It says the exact opposite?

My mistake. I thought that those who preach the word of God are supposed to set the example. You can understand why I’m confused. I’m nothing more than a teenage girl who hasn’t been out in the world long enough to know why I’m wrong.

That’s what some people think, anyway.

Many argue a difference between Old Testament and New Testament, because all of the passages about homosexuals being bad people are conveniently in the second half of the Bible, but I cannot wrap my mind around that either, with God speaking through his disciples for either book.

I think that the Bible did, at one time, provide structure in the lives of its readers and that it holds immense historical value we can continue to learn from.

However, we no longer live in a time where livestock is traded for wives and living to see 30 is a big deal.

A lot of you who write letters to the editor must think we do though, because you can’t seem to live outside the pages.

Emily Duchon just completed her freshman year at Ball State University. She is an intern in The Elkhart Truth newsroom.

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